Casey Anthony Pregnancy Rumors Swirl — Again

Casey Anthony rose to infamy on July 15, 2008, following the reported disappearance of her 2-year-old Caylee. As WFLA reports, the Casey Anthony case really began when Casey’s mother, Cindy, called police to report her granddaughter missing, adding that her daughter’s car “smelled like a dead body.” The very next day, the single mother was arrested for the first time in connection with her daughter’s disappearance. That October, Casey Anthony was indicted on first-degree murder charges. On December 11, nearly five months after being reported missing, Caylee’s skeletal remains were found not far from the Anthony home.

Casey Anthony went to trial in May of 2011. On July 5, to the shock and horror of a riveted nation, she was found not guilty on all counts, with the exception of one charge of lying to investigators.

Caylee Anthony [Photo by @Blaiss/Twitter]When she was released from the Orange County jail in Florida following her acquittal, Casey Anthony became “the most hated woman in America.” She changed her appearance and went into hiding, reports the Telegraph. For some time since her release, Daily Mail reports that 29-year-old Anthony has been living with the lead private investigator from her case, Patrick J. McKenna, who is 67. McKenna also reportedly helped now-reclusive Casey Anthony launch her new photography business.

Casey Anthony Released From Jail [Photo by Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images]In addition to having a new business, rumors are swirling that Casey Anthony may be expecting a baby sometime in the near future, reports Hollywood Life. Not only that, Anthony “believes she can be a good mom.”

According to reports, five years after being acquitted of the first-degree murder of her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony is telling friends she is pregnant with baby number two.

“She’s telling friends her wish has come true and she’s pregnant. She believes she has a bright future and can be a good mom.”

The Hollywood Life report indicates that those close to her are having a bit of deja vu, saying that her current behavior is the “same old” Casey Anthony. They reportedly say she is back to living a lie and refusing to discuss who the father may be. Casey famously refused to disclose Caylee Anthony’s father throughout the course of her incarceration and trial, leading to widespread speculation and rumors related to her daughter’s paternity.

Casey Anthony Parties [Photo by ‏@P01YN0NYM0U55/Twitter]Despite the fact that Casey has reportedly been living with her private investigator (who is more than twice her age) for quite some time, so far he hasn’t been implicated as the potential father of this potential child. Rather, rumor has it that she’s been “seeing” a different guy, a guy she met out clubbing, and she believes this yet-to-be-named guy is the one who got her pregnant, says a source close to Casey Anthony. Another source reports that Anthony thinks her new life is “free,” with a “wonderful future,” potentially with her new new man and the child she is claiming to be carrying.

The thing is, as HNGN reports, Casey Anthony has had a bit of a history of hoax pregnancies since her acquittal and release from custody. Rumors abounded that Casey Anthony was pregnant in 2013. When that didn’t pan out, a new slew of rumors began to circulate in 2014. In 2014, the Casey Anthony pregnancy rumors got some added dimension with the addition of the detail that she was supposedly expecting twins.

Given her history of pregnancy hoaxing, it is entirely possible that this newest onslaught of Casey Anthony pregnancy gossip is nothing but more of the same.

Not surprisingly, social media hasn’t responded positively or kindly to the idea of Anthony having a second child.

It’s important to remember, though, that despite public opinion about a potential Casey Anthony pregnancy, she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter by a jury of her peers. Regardless of whether or not people think the jury got it right, under the American justice system, she’s a young woman entitled to go on living her life as she sees fit, having faced the legal process and come out on top.

So what do you think? Do you think that Casey Anthony is really pregnant again, or is this just another attention-seeking hoax? What are your feelings if Casey Anthony is pregnant with her second child?

[Photo by Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images]