Four-Year-Old Killed By Stray Bullet At Bronx “Ghetto Angels Basketball Tournament”

Another random violence tragedy: Gunfire in a Bronx, New York, playground claimed the life of a four-year-old boy last night after a hoops tournament with about 100 people in attendance.

The boy was shot in the head after two men reportedly got into a dispute following the game at the First Annual Ghetto Angels Basketball Tournament and began firing. He was evidently struck while playing near the basketball court. He died at Lincoln Hospital after being transported there by paramedics.

According to eyewitness accounts in the New York Daily News,

“People started running everywhere,” the witness said. “They were screaming, a frightened scream. People were running, crossing the streets — not caring if cars were driving. They were scared.”

Another witness said the shooter… started shooting at someone playing basketball. The basketball player shot back, hitting the child.

A witness told the New York Post that she estimated that 15 or 17 shots were fired in the incident. The Post noted that the basketball game was part of a memorial tournament for a teenage girl who was fatally stabbed one year ago.

Both shooters, who are in the 20s, were apparently wounded. They are both said to be in stable condition.

New York Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, who rushed to the crime scene, admitted that Democrat lawmakers–including himself–should re-think their opposition to the NYPD stop-and-frisk policy. “We need to give the police leverage to use stop-and-frisk. They should be allowed to do it,” the Bronx assemblyman said.

Both the Daily News and the Post identified the young victim as Lloyd Morgan.