James Holmes Video Released – Studied Subjective Experience, The Ability To Change The Past

A James Holmes video released showing the alleged movie theater shooter speaking to science camp peers at Miramar College offers some insight into his mindset and interest in “subjective experience” – the ability to change the past. Photos of the alleged Aurora movie theater shooting suspect as a camp counselor at Camp Max Straus, a Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters facility, have also surfaced.

While serving as a camp counselor in Los Angeles, Holmes was responsible for a group of 10 children and showed no signs of a violent personality, according to interview excerpts with a camp leader in the Los Angeles Times.

James Holmes is slated to make his first appearance in court later this morning. The evolving information about the alleged movie theater shooter’s past may help both prosecutors seeking to bring justice to the victims and a shocked American public, comprehend the downward spiral which led to one of the worst mass shootings in United States history.

The Miramar College science camp video is six years old, but illustrates a deep interest in “temporal illusions” which appeared to captivate James Holmes. While Holmes appears to be at least a little bit nervous speaking in front of a group, he also seems to be intelligent and mature beyond his years.

“Over the course of the summer I’ve been working with a temporal illusion. It’s an illusion that allows you to change the past,” Holmes stated while at the podium in the video.


In the James Holmes video the alleged Aurora shooter details his study in “subjective experience” noting how the action takes place inside the mind “as opposed to the external world.” Holmes goes on to speak about his mentor and how he as “carried on” his work with researching “subjective experience,” according to ABC News. The “subjective experience” mentor is not named in the video.

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The Miramar College science staffer introduces James Holmes as an individual who desires to become a researcher and “make scientific discoveries.” Before handing the microphone to the young science phenom, the female staffer also adds James Holmes enjoys playing “strategy games” and hopes to one day “own a slurpee machine.”

ABC News reports James Holmes garnered a federal grant to work in his science Ph.D. At “one of the most competitive neuroscience programs” in the United States.

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Chief Executive of Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles and the director of Camp Max Straus, Randy Schwab, noted in the Los Angeles Times interview that James Holmes appeared to be a good camp counselor and “provided the kids with a wonderful camp experience without incident.” Schwab also notes there were no disciplinary problems with James Holmes while he mentored youth at Camp Max Straus.

James Holmes is currently being held in solitary confinement and represented by a public defender. He will be transported to the court hearing today via an “underground tunnel” to the hearing which may last only long enough to explain the charges being levied against him, according to Fox News.