‘Minecraft’ Movie To Target A ‘Jurassic Park’ Audience And Is A Film For All Ages

Minecraft, an already popular game released in 2009, is getting its own movie. It is likened to that of a “virtual LEGO”, according to Collider, and some details have been revealed about the video game movie’s logline that gives a basic plot synopsis. Lego Movie’s Roy Lee is set to produce and is “trying to guide it to the same level of success” of his previous popular movie.

It was reported by Screen Rant that this video game adaptation to a movie is going to be of a “live-action vehicle.” One may think at first to for it be computer generated, similar to that of the already existing Minecraft environment, but it’s not. The logline gives such a backing.

“Minecraft would be part of a multiverse where humans can enter that has the feel of what the live action version of a Minecraft experience.”

Lee said the script is currently under development and going through a design process to give an idea what the Minecraft world would convey in appearance.

“We are currently in the scripting stages,” Lee said. “And also doing visual designs to show the studio what the world will look like.”

The Minecraft development company, Mojang, is heavily involved in the process of the development of the movie, and Lee has cited them as being quite helpful. This makes sense since they are intimately familiar with the source material and able to provide a vision into what’s ahead.

It looks like as Mojang continues their gaming updates/add-ons, the Minecraft movie development will run in sync with the source material provided by the Swedish game developer team. At the same time, Mojang will also be getting ideas from the movie content as well and putting it into their game. So it looks like there will be a criss-crossing of ideas in a collaborative effort.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenney is set to scribe and direct the Minecraft video game movie and should start producing via Warner Brothers later this year.

The movie video game adaptation is geared towards a target audience of all ages. The objective is to gear the project towards a Jurassic Park-like experience that can garner the attention of a wide span of audience members. Keep in mind, Jurassic Park was rated PG-13 and Lee’s Lego Movie was PG. So it would be questionable if the same rating of the dinosaur world will be equivalent to the Minecraft movie. Right now, it’s not known.

That being said, it’ll be interesting on how the story will be formed into a piece of art from the screenwriter as it could be an accurate representation/likeness of the real game, or it could take on a dark quality considering there are wilderness creature encounters that could cause the characters to take on an grim challenge for the purpose of survival. Picture if you will Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in The Edge with Bart the Bear. Could it be something like that?

Minecraft fans may be familiar with an already episodic adventure called Minecraft: Story Mode starring the voice of Patton Oswalt. It’s interesting because this series starts off at Endercon, a satiric off-shoot of the real life MineCon. Do you think that the live-action will go the way from transitioning from real life to the fantasy world?

For those not familiar with the Minecraft franchise, it’s been touted as a sandbox open world game. It allows players to create things virtually from the surrounding landscape via digitized blocks. Some blocks represent certain resources and, as such, can be used to build certain structures in this open world universe.

It will be interesting to see how the Minecraft video game movie will translate into live action.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]