Cheryl Tiegs Fat-Shames Ashley Graham’s ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover — States The Model Doesn’t Look Healthy At Her Weight

Cheryl Tiegs made headlines when she fat-shamed Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated cover. Sports Illustrated released three different covers for their annual swimming suit edition, featuring Ronda Rousey, Ashley Graham, and Hailey Clausen. Tiegs claimed that Graham did not look healthy at her weight, and in the long run, she doesn’t see how “someone her size wouldn’t run into health problems.”

Sports Illustrated revealed that they selected three women that had different body types to showcase that women can be beautiful in every size. Tiegs stated that she wasn’t happy they were showcasing full-figured women in the magazine as she felt it was glamorizing obesity. E! Online reported that Cheryl believes that a woman’s waist should be under 35-inches because that’s what Dr. Oz said on his show.