Matt Ericson Has History Of Domestic Abuse. Could Briana Renee Be Next?

Matt Ericson, husband to Briana Renee of Little Women LA, has a history of cheating. According to Radar Online, Mar 2, 2016, he has a felony charge stemming from the time he tried to strangle his former girlfriend.

On July 17, 2012, Matt Ericson, whose real name is Matthew Aaric Grundhoffer, allegedly attacked the girl he was dating at the time and viciously tried to strangle her. The court documents filed in the Washington Thurston County Superior Court state that Matt tried to strangle his girlfriend, whose name is being withheld for security reasons.

A neighbor called police to report that she/he could hear yelling and “slamming noises” coming out of apartment #E-2. When the police arrived, one police officer, Lieutenant Counts, detained Mr. Matthew Gundhoffer in his police car while Deputy Brennan talked with the woman who lived in the apartment to find out what happened.

The woman stated that she and Matthew had been dating for about two months and he had come over that night to watch a movie with her. After the movie, she went into the bathroom, and while she was there, she decided to look for some things to buy on her cell phone. She and her mother were sponsoring a non-profit benefit, and she was looking for things that they could use. She said that Matthew came into the bathroom and grabbed her cellphone away.

When she got out of the bathroom, she asked for her phone back, but Matthew refused to give it to her. She tried to take it away from him when he snapped and grabbed her by the throat. The court documents state that the victim told Deputy Brennan, “Matt grabbed (her) by the throat with his right hand and pushed her against the wall, (She) said that Matt was squeezing hard and she was pushing him away in an attempt to get away. Matt kept his grip on (the woman) and pushed her to the floor.”

It was not until his girlfriend’s nine-year-old son walked into the room that Matt finally relinquished his hold on her throat.

The officer noted that he could see the victim’s left and front neck area was red. The woman complained that her throat felt sore and “her voice felt raspy.” She appeared to be afraid, and she was “crying” over the incident. However, law enforcement determined that alcohol might have played a part in this altercation.

Matthew Grundhoffer had a different explanation, and he told law enforcement that the noise that the neighbors heard came from their washer and dryer. The responding officers did not believe him, and they arrested him. Matthew was charged with second degree assault and domestic violence.

That same evening, the victim was given protection, and the courts issued her a Domestic Violence No-Contact Order. Mr. Grundhoffer could come within 600 feet of her home, the place where she works and her school.

Matthew Grundhoffer paid his $2,500 bail, and he was required to surrender his pistol and revolver. A jury trial was scheduled for December 3, 2012, but the two parties settled out of court when Mr. Grundhoffer agreed to get counseling.

Matthew Grundhoffer was admitted in the Friendship Diversion Program, and he remained there for 1 year to receive counseling and to do community service. He also had to pay $500 to the Crime Victims Fund.

Matthew Grundhoffer, aka Matt Ericson, allegedly found another woman to love, and that is with his wife Briana Renee. She claims that he is very loving and that he “has never harmed another woman.” However, Briana’s costars are not too sure about his character, and most of them do not like him at all.

Last year, Briana Renee and Matt Ericson eloped and did not tell anyone of their plans. After a whirlwind courtship, they went to Las Vegas and tied the knot. One can only hope that he treats Briana with respect and that he does not hurt her as he did his other girlfriend. Many of Briana’s friends and co-stars are worried about her safety and they have tried to warn her about Matt Ericson.

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