Bernie Sanders May Have Just Seriously Gotten Back In The Race With One Huge Endorsement

As Super Tuesday 2016 draws near, many political experts have started saying that Bernie Sanders could be out of it and done after the voting happens next week. Hillary Clinton is expected to do very well, and those that are “Bernie or bust” may be disappointed to see their favorite out of the race. Well, Sanders may have just gotten himself right back into the presidential race due to receiving an endorsement from an extremely huge and influential Latino rights organization in Arizona.

AZ Central has revealed that the Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) has now backed Bernie Sanders as their choice for the Democratic presidential candidate.

This is not just a huge deal for Sanders, but it’s a huge deal overall for LUCHA as it is the first time in its history that it has given a presidential candidate their endorsement. After losing the Nevada caucuses to Hillary Clinton this past Saturday, this is going to do a lot for Sanders’ campaign.

Looking to get anyone that is a full-time worker out of poverty, LUCHA and Sanders have a lot of the same ideas as to how life should be for Americans. LUCHA believes that fast food workers deserve a “fair and just” $15 minimum wage and that the right to unionize should be theirs.

Alejandra Gomez is the co-executive director of LUCHA and states that the organization knows these working mothers need more money for the hours they put in.

“Every day, we hear the stories of Moms working at fast-food restaurants for 11 years and only making $11 an hour and students who want to get more involved but their tuition is squeezing them. At every turn, our community is being squeezed, and the only candidate speaking for them is Bernie.”

LUCHA currently has more than 800 members, and announcing their backing of Sanders now should gain him a lot of momentum. The Arizona presidential preference election is not until March 22 and that gives him a little less than a month to campaign with a big endorsement behind him.

bernie sanders endorsement presidential election lucha latino [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]While getting huge support in Arizona, Bernie Sanders is also starting to gain a lot of support elsewhere even though he lost Nevada and has’t been received well in South Carolina. The Palmetto State appears to belong to Clinton, but Sanders is working his magic in other locations.

The Washington Post is reporting that Sanders began Wednesday with a news conference in Columbia, South Carolina, but then went to rallies in Missouri and Oklahoma. Both of those rallies brought in thousands and he has much better chances of succeeding in those states.

Yesterday evening in Oklahoma, the rally for Bernie Sanders drew close to 9,000 people, but that was far from all. There were at least 2,000 more who couldn’t get into the rally due to all of the space being filled up.

Sanders’ support is growing, and it’s showing all over the place even if experts don’t have a lot of faith in him.

Now, FOX 6 is reporting that the Marquette Law poll has Bernie Sanders leading among the presidential contenders in Wisconsin, so there is even more support. As of Thursday afternoon, Sanders has only a slim 44-43 lead over Clinton, but the momentum is swinging.

The Marquette Law poll also shows that Donald Trump is maintaining his lead to take the Republican nomination. He’s currently leading in Wisconsin with 30 percent while Marco Rubio has 20 and Ted Cruz has 19.

bernie sanders endorsement presidential election lucha latino [Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images]As Super Tuesday 2016 approaches, many have been saying that Bernie Sanders would be on his way out due to Hillary Clinton’s dominance. The endorsement of Arizona’s huge Latino rights group has just changed things considerably, and LUCHA has turned the tide in the Democratic party.

[Image by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]