Denver Broncos Rumors: Contract Talks With Von Miller Ongoing, Franchise Tag Imminent

The Denver Broncos are waiting for their first big domino to fall in order to shape up their offseason. What would put the Broncos in position to begin making any changes to their roster is an announcement that linebacker Von Miller has agreed to a fat, new contract. Good news coming from sources inside of the Denver Broncos’ organization is that the team and Von Miller are having discussions about a long-term deal. The bad news is that the Broncos may have to franchise tag him in order to sign him.

It is not a state of emergency for the Denver Broncos, who are also waiting for a decision from another prominent player. The choice that Peyton Manning makes regarding retirement will determine how much money the Broncos will have available to shell out to Von Miller and others.

No disrespect to Manning, but the Broncos should not be concerned with whether or not he retires. They can cut him if they want to. It may cost them some money and valuable cap room, but if Manning does not make an announcement soon, Denver will be in a bind when it comes to their signings.

The Denver Broncos hope that they can agree to terms on a deal with Von Miller. He will have the franchise tag placed on him in the meantime. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

As already widely known, Von Miller’s potential contract will not be jeopardized by what Peyton Manning decides to do. It will affect other players, though.

Players such as defensive end Malik Jackson and linebackers Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall would be in danger of not being re-signed.

It has been reported by 9NEWS that the Broncos will look to re-negotiate with outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware and left tackle Ryan Clady in hopes that they would accept less money. If the Broncos are successful in getting Ware and Clady to agree to reduced salaries, they will have more money that can be used to keep both Brock Osweiler and Malik Jackson.

Can the Denver Broncos keep Malik Jackson? (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Jackson will be the most difficult to keep under any circumstances. He has come into his own the past two seasons and is reportedly looking to command $75 million. According to CBS Sports, the Denver Broncos have been proactive with a contract offer that is supposedly more than $10 million a season.

In most NFL offseasons, Malik Jackson would have been hit with the franchise tag, while Von Miller would have already been given an extension. This offseason is an anomaly. The Denver Broncos have not reached an agreement on extensions with either player. As it currently stands, no deals will be consummated prior to Tuesday. What it means is that the Denver Broncos will be applying the franchise tag, and it is imminent that the tag will be placed on Miller.

This will allow Malik Jackson and the other Broncos free agents to negotiate with other teams if they choose to do so. Sans Von Miller and some of the players currently under contract, the Denver Broncos will have a different look once the 2016 season starts. The key here is that Von Miller will remain with the team.

If it is accurate that Malik Jackson is requesting $75 million, imagine how much money Von Miller can get on the open market. When the franchise tag is eventually placed on him, it will come with a $14.1 million cap hold. Judging from his career performance, the franchise tag is a bargain for a player that some believe is the best defensive player in the NFL.

Denver would be happy to have Von Miller at the $14.1 million price the franchise tag would pay him. Unfortunately, Miller would not likely be satisfied. If the Broncos gave him a five-year contract offer worth the franchise tag amount, he would be getting less than what Jackson is commanding. It is safe to say that Von Miller will not settle for making just $14.1 million with the production that he brings to the table.

Von Miller and the Denver Broncos will agree to a deal, though applying the franchise tag on him is imminent.

[Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]