Port Moody Teen Gets Into Fight With Mailbox Then Police, Released Without Charges

Port Moody, BC Canada – Authorities in Port Moody, British Colombia had an interesting start to a Sunday morning when they responded to the report of a teenager fighting with a mailbox.

The Now reports that Port Moody police were dispatched to the corner of Moray Street and Portview Place at around 5 a.m. early Sunday morning after a passerby noticed someone dancing, talking, and then fighting a mailbox.

Port Moody police spokesman Const. Luke van Winkel tells what the authorities witnessed as they first came onto the scene:

“Our members attended and saw this 15-year-old kid literally talking to this mailbox and full-out fighting it.”

As Port Moody authorities tried to calm down the six-foot tall teen, clearly under the influence of LSD according to van Winkel, the incident took a more violent turn.

The enraged teen began to attack the officers as they tried to apprehend him. Three officers were needed in order to finally restrain the tripped out 15-year-old. As Van Winkel points out:

“When people are on drugs – on these types of stimulants – it’s amazing what they can do, these are three big police officers. That’s part of the drug use.”

Huffington Post notes the teen was treated for minor scrapes and bruises and inevitably released without charges. Van Winkel comments that authorities don’t believe the teen would have consciously tried to attack the officers, stating:

“It’s just a kid who made some bad choices. Criminal charges aren’t in the best interest for that kid.”

A pair of tweets was sent out by the police department that morning regarding the incident: