Missing ‘Terminator 3’ Star Nick Stahl Found

Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl, who has been missing for over a month, has finally come home.

The troubled actor, who disappeared from rehab and the lives of his family back in early June, has reconciled with his loved ones and is taking the first steps on the road to recovery, reports TMZ. Stahl has actually disappeared twice before, his most recent flight following an unsuccessful stint in rehab, which the actor ended early by disappearing for weeks. His estranged wife Rose Murphy called off the search for the missing actor shortly thereafter, telling the media that Stahl “knows exactly where home is. It’s the loving thing to do for him, myself and our daughter,” referring to her decision to call of the hunt.

Now, Stahl is reportedly going to AA, and is “in a good place.” Though he has not moved back home at this time, he is reportedly in constant contact with his family, including estranged wife Rose, who tweeted a picture of herself with Stahl, reports Hollywood Gossip.

We’re glad he’s back, we’re glad he’s alright, and boy do we love a good reconciliation story. Sadly, details are pretty slim on this one at this time. When there is more to tell, we’ll be here to tell it.

Are you glad Nick Stahl is okay?