Gloria Fields: Babysitter Tortured, Sexually Abused Toddler Before His Death, Horrific Details Revealed During Trial

Gloria Fields, a sadistic schizophrenic babysitter, is standing trial for the gruesome murder of 16-month-old Anthony Delgado. According to the New York Daily News, Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon has detailed the disturbing series of events that led to Delgado's death. Although Gloria Fields initially claimed Delgado suffered injuries while playing, she later confessed that she'd murdered him. However, she didn't just murder him.

The helpless toddler suffered severe types of abuse at the hands of Gloria Fields prior to his untimely death. McMahon alleges that Gloria Fields tortured Delgado for two whole days before he succumbed. Gloria Fields' first hearing was held on Wednesday, Feb. 24. During the hearing, McMahon, and assistant district attorney, Ann Thompson, detailed the horrific acts that led to Anthony's death.

It has been reported that Gloria Fields returned the toddler to his family with "multiple skull fractures, internal bleeding, cuts and bruises to his face and across his body, as well as internal injuries caused by the sexual assault," according to prosecutors. Medical examiners determined that Anthony died of blunt force to his head and torso.
"He could not walk... He could not talk. He could not scream. He could not ask for help.

"For 48 hours, this depraved woman systematically tortured a 16-month-old baby... No creature on this earth, let alone an innocent child, deserves to undergo such horrific torment."

All of the injuries were inflicted over the course of a two-day span. In addition to the physical abuse, details about the sexual abuse the toddler suffered was also revealed. Medical examiners determined Gloria Fields, who reportedly abused prescription drugs and smoked marijuana while babysitting the toddler, also forced a crayon inside the boy's body for nearly 36 hours.
According to the New York Times, Gloria Fields, who reportedly displayed no emotion or remorse during the hearing, allegedly tied the toddler to a stroller and slapped him in the face repeatedly.

The latest reports about Gloria Fields' hearing follow previous reports detailing the timeline of the weekend events. According to the Daily Mail, the toddler was left with Fields over the weekend while his mother, Marta Delgado, moved her belongings to another apartment. It has been reported that his mother knew Gloria Fields because they lived in the same apartment complex she was moving from.

Anthony was left over the weekend, and was scheduled to go home on Sunday. But, his mother received a disturbing text message from Fields just hours before she was set to pick him up. Gloria Fields claimed Anthony had fallen while playing.

When Fields took the toddler back to his mother's apartment and returned him to his uncle on Sunday, Feb. 21, he was already unconscious. His alarming condition prompted his grandmother to seek medical attention. Anthony Delgado was rushed Staten Island University Hospital North where he was pronounced dead an hour later.

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, NYPD arrested Gloria Fields in connection with the toddler's murder. In an official statement released by the NYPD's Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, the charges being brought against Gloria Fields were confirmed. According to SILive, she faces charges for second-degree murder, seven counts of assault, first-degree sexual abuse, and two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17.

Despite all the evidence prosecutors reportedly have against Gloria Fields, she has entered a not guilty plea. Her next court date is scheduled for March 21. The Staten Island Administration for Children's Services also released a statement confirming it will also be investigating Anthony Delgado's death. "We are investigating the circumstances that may have led to the heartbreaking and tragic death of this little boy," the statement read.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]