Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star’s Break-Up Rhetoric Accelerates

Well, it seems that the hare is running on Louis Tomlinson’s break-up story. One Direction star Louis has consistently been linked to Originals actress Danielle Campbell since early December. Tomlinson’s reported romance has followed the same predictable path as numerous One Direction romance stories in the past. The timing of Louis’ hook-up with Campbell is virtually identical to a pattern that has been woven by Tomlinson’s bandmate Harry Styles every year since 2010. Just a couple of days ago, it was reported by the Inquisitr that Louis’ romance was about to end when several outlets circulated a photograph of Campbell kissing someone who was definitely not Tomlinson.

It is entirely unsurprising, therefore, that the Mirror reports today that Louis was photographed leaving a Brit Awards after-party with Perrie Edwards. Fans of Tomlinson and One Direction will need absolutely no reminding that Little Mix singer Edwards was supposedly engaged to Louis’ former bandmate Zayn Malik until last summer.

According to the Daily Mail, Louis was spotted hopping out of a taxi with Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock outside of The Box nightclub after they had attended the Universal Music BRIT Awards bash. They claim that Edwards tried to hide her face and asked, “What would Zayn say?”

The Mirror claims that the three looked “very cosy” as they climbed into the taxi to head off to another party. Interestingly, Louis actually sat next to Leigh-Anne but, of course, linking Tomlinson with a former bandmate’s ex-fiance makes for a much more scandalous story.

By adding in the claim that Louis and Zayn have had a fall-out, you end with the suggestion of bad blood between the former bandmates. Add in the element of some sort of love triangle between Edwards, Tomlinson, and Malik and you have the prospect of an intriguing sexual scandal. The old adage that “sex sells” is seemingly alive and well in the U.K. tabloid press.

Metro is at least more realistic in its reporting. They say that Leigh-Anne’s boyfriend was also in the cab when they arrived at the club, and they also make it clear that Louis was nowhere in sight at around 4 a.m. when Perrie left the nightspot with a female friend.

What seems clear is that by hinting at a relationship between Tomlinson and Edwards, some elements of the U.K. press are creating mischief for the sake of a headline. After all, “Louis Tomlinson shares a taxi with a friend” is not much of a story.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans will be angered by the way Louis has been portrayed. It seems that Tomlinson is now being asked to be a “player,” One Direction’s “bad boy,” and some sections of the press are all too happy to play along. It has been widely predicted that Tomlinson’s rumored relationship with Danielle Campbell has already reached its “sell-by” date and that we would soon be seeing the break-up story.

It seems that the narrative has already started and that Tomlinson and Campbell’s romance will be over by the end of the month. It was only a week or so ago that some of the same outlets were claiming that Tomlinson was smitten by Campbell and that the pair might even have got engaged.

The story is a familiar one to One Direction fans who are sick to death of Tomlinson and his bandmates being sexualized in a way many feel exploits them to make money for others. What is perhaps the saddest aspect of the way this matter has been reported is the fact that Louis and One Direction bagged yet another industry award at last night’s Brit Awards.

Some sections of the media prefer to report the merest sniff of sexual scandal involving Tomlinson rather than report anything about One Direction’s music or the remarkable achievements that Louis and his bandmates have enjoyed. Doubtless, many of Tomlinson’s fans will simply raise an eyebrow and say “here we go again.”

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]