Pamela Anderson Could Still Appear In ‘Baywatch’ Movie – Actress Speaks Out

In a Hollywood dominated by remakes and reboots, it’s mandatory to expect the occasional film to be made in the name of nostalgia. Many ’80s and ’90s properties are all the rage at the moment — what with the desire to bring them to a modern audience — so when a Baywatch movie was announced, no one was surprised. However, it seems getting some of the original cast members together has been a little trickier than expected.

Some of the original cast are expected to make cameo appearances — a host of new actors and actresses will fill the main roles — and some are expected to return, but it seems the people behind the film are going to have to try a little harder to lure back one of the more successful members of the show — Pamela Anderson. Could she still appear? Well, the star has spoken out about her potential involvement, and it’s not all bad news.

Pamela Anderson May Still Appear In 'Baywatch' Reboot3
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is behind the film version of 'Baywatch.' A cast has been assembled, but cameo roles are yet to be confirmed. [Image via

In an interview with ET Online, Pamela Anderson revealed she has been offered a part in the upcoming Baywatch movie. According to Anderson, the role wasn’t quite what she had in mind, but she hasn’t completely ruled out her involvement.

“I haven’t turned it down completely yet, but I have turned down what they offered me, but we’ll see what happens…Baywatch was such a huge part of my life. And really they’re trying to do an homage. It’s an honor to have them want me to be a part of it so bad. But I don’t know how it benefits me to be in the film…Who knows, we’ll see what happens.”

Anderson appeared as Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker in the original show, and some may argue the show made Anderson’s career. It’s clear from her comments that Baywatch was a significant step in her path to stardom, and one she holds close to her heart, so the reluctance to get involved may be more about pride than the money — after all, some actors cherish their original stints in such projects, and tarnishing the original is the furthest thing from their mind. However, the Canadian actress is still weighing up the idea of being involved, which is still good news for the producers behind the movie. Millions of fans remember Anderson in her red spandex swimsuit, and she was iconic in her role, so hopefully an agreement can be met — if she does get involved, it might bring the original fans, who are probably dreading the idea of a remake, on board.

Regardless of Pamela Anderson’s involvement, the Baywatch movie is currently in production. Cinema Blend have revealed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is behind the project and is set to feature in a starring role. Joining him are Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Hannibal Buress, Ilfenesh Hadera, Prinyanka Chopra, and swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach, who will actually play C.J. Parker, the role made famous by Anderson.

Speaking of cameos, one name missing from this project thus far is David Hasselhoff. Possibly the most famous member of the original Baywatch cast, The Hoff has yet to be approached for a part in the movie, despite rumours confirming his involvement. He spoke to USA Today about his potential casting.

“I am not sure. I called [producer Ivan] Reitman about a year ago, when there were different stars in it… He said, ‘If it goes, we’re definitely going to put you in it.’ And I said, ‘Send me a script.’ So far I haven’t heard a word.”

Whether a Baywatch movie will work in a more modern context — after all, swimsuits have a universal appeal — remains to be seen, but for a franchise that holds a dear place in millions of hearts, they need to ensure they treat it with respect. Whether this is a reason for Anderson’s initial refusal is open to debate, but if she lands a role in the movie, they need to ensure they do it right. Casting some of the original cast members is probably essential to making this happen, if they want to appeal to the die-hard fans of the show, anyway.

Pamela Anderson May Still Appear In 'Baywatch' Reboot2
David Hasselhoff - arguebly the show's biggest star - hasn't been offered a role yet, despite rumours circulating of his involvement. [Image via

For now, the cameo roles are yet to be confirmed, but with a host of the original talent still working in Hollywood, you would expect one or two to crop up. For now, Anderson is holding out on participation, but with the Baywatch movie already in production, her offer might come with a strict time limit. With The Hoff also in the frame, and a host of Baywatch cast members to choose from, expect more casting announcements to be made in due course.

Directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief), Baywatch will be running — hopefully in slow motion — into theatres on May 19, 2017.

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