Frank Ocean Felt Relieved After Coming Out As Bisexual

Frank Ocean, the Odd Future singer who recently announced his bisexuality to the world on Tumblr, has decided to address why it was so important for him to come clean.

The Guardian reports that the singer, who became the most talked about person in music with the surprise release of his newest album, Channel Orange, as well as his admission that his first love is a man, stated of his decision to come out:

“I suppose a percentage of that act was because of altruism; because I was thinking of how I wished at 13 or 14 there was somebody I looked up to who would have said something like that, who would have been transparent in that way. But there’s another side of it that’s just about my own sanity and my ability to feel like I’m living a life where I’m not just successful on paper, but sure that I’m happy when I wake up in the morning, and not with this freakin’ boulder on my chest.”

While he has received support from hip-hop icons Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Tyler the Creator regarding his decision to come out, the 24-year-old has also received plenty of backlash. CeleBuzz reports that Frank Ocean responds to the criticism by saying:

“People are just afraid of things too much. Afraid of things that don’t necessarily merit fear. Me saying what I said on my Tumblr last week? Sure, evil exists, extremism exists. Do you just not go outside your house? Do you not drive your car because of the statistics? How else are you limiting your life for fear?”

And MTV notes that Frank Ocean’s Def Jam debut album was not negatively affected by his admission of being bisexual, as Channel Orange, which only sold digital copies, hit number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, with 131,000 copies sold in its first week.

What do you think of Frank Ocean’s decision to come out as bisexual?