Kim Kardashian's 'Sex On The Radio' Gig: Sex Tape Diva May Join Celebrity Porn Stars On SiriusXM

Kim Kardashian is now a mother of two, but that doesn't mean her sexual public persona that began with her infamous 2007 sex tape with rapper Ray-J is dead. In fact, she has recently been asked to appear on SiriusXM's Vivid Radio, a station on which porn stars and other sensual icons discuss sexual topics and take calls from A-list superstars.

Radar Online reports that Kim is at the top of the station's guest wishlist, and producers frequently urge Mrs. Kardashian to come on the show.

"Kim is one of the most famous stars in the world thanks to her sex tape. I would love for her to come into the station and talk about it," explains the network's manager, Farrell Hirsch.

Kim Kardashian' SiriusXM radio porn gig
A still from the 2007 sex tape itself. [Photo via YouTube]

By accepting Vivid's invitation, Kardashian would be joining huge porn industry names like adult film legends Keylani Lei, Mary Carey, and Ashley Blue, although Kim Kardashian would be by far the biggest name of all.

Vivid is not just some sleazy little operation that Kim would never actually be interested in working with, either. It's a huge business that Hirsch tells Radar has to deal with about 50,000 callers every day and that would welcome Kim Kardashian with open arms.

Many of the callers are, in fact, huge celebrities on the level of Kim Kardashian, according to Hirsch. Hirsch did not want to reveal the station's celebrity regulars for obvious reasons, but he stressed how calling in and chatting with big name porn stars and other celebs like Kardashian about sexual fantasies or erotic stories is a big draw for pop culture's biggest players in particular.

"These are household names who call in, big stars," he said.

Kim Kardashian' SiriusXM radio porn gig
Vivid Radio is not some backdoor production; it is a proud member of the SiriusXM satellite radio family. [Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for SiriusXM]

He continued that because the network's clientele tends to be so high profile, adding a name as universally recognizable as Kim Kardashian to Vivid's existing lineup of 21 regular ex-porn stars, even if it was only a temporary gig, would be great for the station's reputation.

The big stars "like the big-name girls," Farrell revealed.

Kim Kardashian's would-be callers would not reveal their names, of course, nor do any of Vivid's patrons, Ashley Blue told Radar, noting that the anonymity enhanced the experience for both her and the caller.

"Most of the guys who call in are big characters in their own right, so it's hard to spot the stars. I love trying to guess who's who though."
Kim Kardashian' SiriusXM radio porn gig
Charlie Sheen is only one well-known example, but having acquired lots of fame and money makes lots of celebs look for untraditional ways in which to express sexuality. [Photo by Peter Kramer/NBC via AP Images)

Although Kim has ample experience baring herself on camera, though, Kaylani Lei points out that being on the radio is a whole different ballgame.

"It's quite a jump to go from performing on camera to being behind a microphone," she said.

Is the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star up to the task? Will she enjoy it? Current Vivid Radio hosts, such as Jelena Jenson, seem to think that yes, Kim would find a certain liberation should she accept the porn radio gig.

"I love the freedom that it gives me. Not only in terms of freedom of schedule by working for myself, but also the freedom to experiment and express myself sexually," Jensen said in a (sexually explicit, NSFW) interview with Fleshbot.

Hirsch elaborated by asserting the work environment for Vivid Radio's employees is very professional and would not, by nature, force Kim into a situation where she has to talk about things she is not comfortable discussing.

All the hosts "are real pros, and they continue talking about whatever sexual topic they're covering on the day," he explained.

Kim Kardashian' SiriusXM radio porn gig
Kim even has some experience broadcasting on SiriusXM already. [Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

Is this Kim's next venture? The past has shown Kim Kardashian is not averse to marketing herself as a sex symbol, and she does not plan on stopping her sensually fueled reign because she is married to Kanye West.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]