‘Batman V Superman’ Will Introduce Several Superheroes To DCU

The talk surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has — rightfully so — focused on one of the first major cinematic movies to pit two fan-favorite superheroes going toe-to-toe. The story will focus on Batman and Superman, particularly the reason why the superheroes are at odds.

What’s been lost in the build-up to one of 2016’s biggest films is the extraordinary amount of new characters that will be introduced throughout the movie, because Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will help launch several franchises and spin-offs in the coming years. Now, rumors of more characters being introduced to the DCU have sprung up thanks to a Movie Pilot article released recently and an Inverse article released this week.

In addition to the titular characters, here are the other superheros and villains purportedly coming to the big screen March 26, 2016 in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Zach Snyder — the director of the highly-anticipated film — sent a tweet that set the internet on fire with rumors about what was being shown in the background, PopSugar reported this week. As important as what’s in the background, the focus of the photo was Snyder and Jason Momoa, the actor set to bring Aquaman to life this year.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just the first viewers will see of Momoa playing the aquatic character. In addition to potentially joining The Justice League: Part One in 2017, Aquaman is slated to star in his own film in 2018.


According to Movie Pilot, a magazine page take from a French magazine shows the characters being introduced in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. This is the source the media outlet uses to suggest Jena Malone will play Barbara Gordon, allowing her to don the mask and cape as Batgirl.

Inverse suggested this development could open up a solo film or even a franchise dedicated to the underused character. Neither development has not been confirmed by anyone associated with the movie, however. In addition, the article’s author also admits to a limited proficiency in French, leaving room for errors with this information.


Ray Fisher has been tasked with bringing to life the character Victor Stone in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. As explained in the video below, Stone becomes known as the data-consuming Cyborg through a life-altering accident.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg is slated for several movie appearances, starting with a limited role in the March 2016 film. Later, Cyborg will more than likely join the crew for The Justice League: Part One. He’s also been rumored to have a solo film in the works that could be in theaters by 2020.


In a trailer played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently, viewers found out via a special trailer that the common threat that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will face involves one of the strongest villains in the DCU. First appearing in 1992, Doomsday became the first villain in the comic book universe to kill Superman, proving his might against the Man of Steel from the beginning.

Tech Insider theorized that Lex Luthor will use General Zod, who appeared in Man of Steel, to somehow bring this character to life in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Giving birth to Doomsday in that situation would stick to a similar storyline proliferated in the Smallville TV series, which followed a young Superman.

The Flash

Rumors have swirled that Ezra Miller will play Barry Allen in the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. While unconfirmed, director Zach Snyder did suggest that characters such as the Flash will appear in the film in a very limited capacity. That hasn’t stopped fans from spouting theories about characters such as the Flash will aid in the upcoming super villain fight.

The Flash not only will appear in the March 2016 movie, but the character is slated for a prominent role in The Justice League: Part One in 2017. A year later, a full-length movie dedicated to the character is slated for production.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman was confirmed early on for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Her role in the film is more prominent than the other characters discussed above, outside of the titular characters. Fans have been able to gleam some other information about the female superhero, The Inquisitr previously reported.

Gal Gadot will reprise the role in several upcoming movies in the DCU. In addition to a solo film, Wonder Woman will be a part of the announced film The Justice League: Part One. Both movies are slated for a 2017 release date.

If both Batgirl and Wonder Woman appear in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, the two female superheroes will continue a trend overtaking movies and television as of late. Jessica Jones — whose realistic, dark portrayal is a first for Marvel — and Supergirl have laid the path for future movies featuring female leads, according to The Inquisitr.

Another rumor that floated around the Internet for quite some time was that Ben Affleck — who will play Batman in the upcoming movie — would actually play a different character in the DCU known as Deathstroke. Those rumors have been laid to rest with the multiple trailers that exist for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]