‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s Wife Says He Is Not The Drug Kingpin Everyone Thinks He Is

El Chapo's wife says he is not the drug kingpin everyone thinks he is.

The Mexican government is now getting blamed for turning Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman into the world’s most wanted man, according to his young wife, Emma Coronel. According to Sky News, Ms. Coronel was only 18 years old when she married the supposed drug kingpin, El Chapo Guzman. He is 35 years older than her; he’s now 61 years old now and she is 26 years old.

According to El Chapo’s young wife, she describes her husband as an intelligent and affectionate man and says there is absolutely no proof that he has ever been a drug kingpin for the Mexican cartel. She has also denied the allegations of El Chapo being the richest man in the world and asks where he could have stashed billions of dollars, saying she doesn’t know how he would have done that without her knowing it.

Also, according to Ms. Coronel, the Mexican government portrayed El Chapo as “the world’s most wanted drug kingpin.” She says they have no proof that he worked in the drug trade.

Emma Coronel, El Chap's wife says he is not the person everyone claims he is.

The young woman and El Chapo married in 2007 on Emma’s 18th birthday, on July 2, and they now have four-year-old twin girls together. Ms. Coronel is worried that their girls will not get the chance to grow up with their father. She is also worried that when they get older, they will be put through some bad things by other people because of who their father is.

El Chapo’s young wife is also afraid for her husband’s life right now. She says that he is being mistreated because of his last escape attempt. According to Coronel, his every move is being watched by two guards who stand in front of his cell at all times with cameras to record what he is doing all the time. She says he doesn’t even get to go to the bathroom in private and that they don’t even let him sleep. She has only seen him once for 15 minutes and that was a long time ago, she claims. She also says they even have a dog taste his food to prevent poisoning attempts.

The LA Times reports that El Chapo’s wife fears her husband’s life is in danger in the prison he is in and is afraid he won’t survive what he is going through.

Guzman’s wife says her husband is a loving family man and not the person everyone is portraying him to be. She thinks that because they are portraying him as this evil drug kingpin, his life is in danger.

Of course, according to this study, drug addiction may be a brain disorder, not a morale failure, however, it still is one of the reason United States spends $54.3 billion on medical costs and legal fees.

His wife says she says she has never seen him violent or mean. She also states that he calls her his “queen.”

According to the LA Times, Coronel is Guzman’s third wife and their twin daughter’s are two of 19 children he has with women in the past. Although he has been with many women and there have been reports of his brutality against those women in his past, she dismisses them as not true. She says he has never raised or laid a wrong hand on her and knows he would never hurt her or their children.

She also says that if her husband is to be extradited back to the United States to stand trial, she will follow him there because she will follow him anywhere he goes. She is in love with him. After all, he is the father of her children and she will always be there for him and support him.

El Chapo Guzman was called a drug kingpin.

According to the LA Times, the two met at a dance. Coronel had a boyfriend at the time but she was asked to dance with Guzman so she did. She said they didn’t start dating then, though. It was months later when they started seeing each other and getting serious with one another. When she turned 18, she married him.

Not only does Ms. Coronel say her husband is not the man everyone is portraying him to be, but Guzman has for a long time been wanting there to be a movie about his life and the supposed truth about it, not the allegations that are being said against him now. In fact, Coronel had this to say about what her husband wants in a movie about his life:

“To put exactly how things are and everything that has happened until now, told by him.”

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