‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Huck Discovers Olivia Is Sleeping With Jake

Scandal is easily considered one of the hottest dramas on television. From tangled affairs to murderous pasts, there is nothing short of surprising events each and every single week. Scandal recently returned from winter break, and a brand new Olivia Pope persona emerged. Kerry Washington has rocked this role on Scandal, and the new Olivia is almost unrecognizable. Her decisions have been poor as of late. Scandal fans have watched in awe as the updates about what Olivia Pope, Jake, and her father have been up to over the last six months. Tomorrow’s Scandal has even more shocking events in store.

Huck has always been the odd one on Scandal. As much of his past with B613 has been explained, Scandal fans learned to love him. His quirks and outbursts all stem from how he was treated while in the group, which was ran by Olivia Pope’s father. According to Design & Trend, Scandal spoilers indicate that Huck will discover the casual sexual encounters happening between Olivia and Jake. This is going to cause a serious confrontation between Huck and his boss. He has been loyal to Olivia since day one, but will this put him over the edge? Scandal fans know that once Huck is triggered and sent into another world, it could take quite some time to get him stable again.

There are so many other side stories happening on Scandal, but the upcoming confrontation between Huck and Olivia is the most anticipated. Scandal fans just witnessed the shocking fact that Jake is living with Olivia’s father, and is willing to go to great lengths to be back on the inside of the government. He killed someone in order to be appointed the head of NASA, and Olivia is overlooking that for a few quickies a couple of times on Scandal. Huck is one of the biggest assets to the company and if he loses it again, they will be stuck. Scandal fans are biting their nails waiting for the other shoe to drop with the partnership between Olivia’s father and Jake. Explosive is one word to describe everything happening on Scandal right now.

Now that Scandal has returned for the second half of Season 5, there are so many more questions than answers. We are six months in the future, and everything on Scandal has changed. Scandal fans are having a hard time adjusting to Olivia not being with Fitz. They were on and off again since the beginning, and now they aren’t even speaking. According to Heavy, Scandal is going to get even better. The partnership between Olivia and Mellie was so unexpected by Scandal fans, and it is going to work beautifully. Shady things are happening with Cyrus, and Fitz is about to embark on a relationship with a reporter. Scandal could not be more different right now, and fans are enjoying all of the surprises.

As of right now, Scandal is one of the highest rankng dramas on television. It is part of the Shonda line-up on Thursday nights, and continues to do well for the ABC network. Scandal is fully expected to have a sixth season, and more to come down the line. Right now, the Olivia Pope and Huck confrontation is set to air on tomorrow’s episode. Scandal fans are anticipating a full blow out, with Huck walking off. Now that Olivia’s secret is exposed, what will she do to explain to the others what has been happening. Between not seeing her with Fitz and the casual sex encounters with the murderous Jake, Olivia is unrecognizable on Scandal at this point. There is so much more to come on Scandal within the next several episodes. Scandal fans are in for the ride of their lives with the twists and turns put into the show, especially where Olivia and Jake are concerned.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards]