Lindsay Lohan Wants Jennifer Lawrence Bad

Lindsay Lohan has her sights set on a gorgeous Hollywood starlet. She has let the world know that she wants to get her hand on Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games. Don’t think she has taken too many lessons from her work on the Canyons with porn star James Deen, she doesn’t want to be with Lawrence in that special way (at least not publicly). She wants to do a movie with her in a bad way.

According to Lohan’s Twitter account she wants to do a film with Jennifer Lawrence that is part Thelma and Louise and part Natural Born Killers.

Lohan said on her Twitter account,

Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games” is genius. I want to do Thelma&Louise w/her but ala Natural Born Killers (style wise) 2 girls-2 guys

While it seems like an aggressive project and there are probably quite a few people out there that would enjoy watching such a flick, Lohan hasn’t gotten one thing through her head yet. That she is lucky to have much work at all.

The Inquisitr has reported that on set for the Elizabeth Taylor biopic “Liz and Dick” Lohan is filming that she has gone mega diva and that no one there is enjoying working with her. She supposedly wanted to work with Brad Pitt on the made for TV movie and felt insulted that she was stuck with b-list actors.

If she thinks it is that easy for her to come in and work with someone of Jennifer Lawrence’s caliber she may just be back on drugs.