7 Second Fight: Ryan Jimmo Ties Fastest UFC Knockout Record [Video]

Seven seconds. One punch. Ryan Jimmo made history last night during his UFC debut when he knocked out Anthony Perosh in just second seconds at UFC 149.

According to MMA Junkie, the seven second fight ties the record for the quickest knockout. UFC President Dana White said that Jimmo would have been given the fastest knockout in history if the ref was in a different position. (Jimmo knocked Perosh out with one punch. The fight wasn’t called until Jimmo landed a second blow while Perosh was on the ground.)

White said:

“One of the problems was, it probably would’ve been the fastest knockout of UFC history – but if the ref was in position, he probably would’ve gotten the fastest knockout.”

According to Yahoo, Jimmo has now won 17 straight fights. Last night, however, was his first in the UFC.

Jimmo said:

“It was pretty awesome. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this… I’ll be watching that on YouTube a lot – but not when anyone’s around…. I knew if i went hard and heavy at him, I’d come out on top…. I didn’t know it would happen that fast. I guess I just closed my eyes and got lucky. When I hit him with that, I saw him go pretty limp and fall down. I suspect he was out, but you don’t stop until the ref says so.”

Jimmo may have tied the record for fastest knockout, but Veronica Rothenhausler still has him beat by a few seconds. Rothenhausler, an amateur fighter, has earned the nickname the “five second fighter” after KOing two of her opponents in five seconds.