Tyler Posey Competes On 'Lip Sync Battle,' Makes Louis Tomlinson Fans Freak Out [Video]

Tyler Posey did something that seriously upset many Louis Tomlinson fans, but it's not related to his appearance on Lip Sync Battle.

During tomorrow night's episode of the Spike TV show, Tyler Posey's fans can watch him face off against someone who has a link to One Direction: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Gigi Hadid. Gigi is currently dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik, but she's not rocking out to a 1D song in her Lip Sync Battle preview—as The Inquisitr previously reported, Gigi decided to pay homage to a different boy band by performing the Backstreet Boys song "Larger Than Life" with backup from Nick Carter and A.J. McLean.

Tyler Posey couldn't resist rocking out to the BSB tune while Gigi Hadid strutted across the stage in a slinky black catsuit, and he might have a tough time topping the model's sexy performance. The Teen Wolf star could have chosen a tune with teeth like Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" or Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London," but his Lip Sync Battle preview video shows him rocking out to a song that chewed up "trash culture" instead: Harvey Danger's late '90s post-grunge jam, "Flagpole Sitta."As E! News reports, Tyler Posey posed as a '90s alt rocker by rocking a backwards baseball cap and a flannel button-down shirt. His Lip Sync Battle clip shows him "singing" the sexiest section of the song that warned the world that "only stupid people are breeding."
"Fingertips have memories, mine can't forget the curves of your body / And when I feel a bit naughty, I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes but no one ever does / I'm not sick but I'm not well. Cause I'm so hot and I'm in hell."

In case you're still wondering about what those lyrics mean almost two decades later, Harvey Danger lead singer Sean Nelson told Radio that "Flagpole Sitta" was meant to be an attack on "a certain kind of vacuousness" in '90s culture.

Unfortunately for Tyler Posey, he possibly lost a few potential votes from Lip Sync Battle viewers who are big One Direction fans—thanks to an old photo and a hashtag that recently trended on Twitter, some Directioners might believe that Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend has been two-timing the One Direction star by seeing Tyler Posey behind his back.

According to Unreality TV, the hashtag #OhNoDanielle started trending after a photo showing Tyler Posey kissing Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, The Originals actress Danielle Campbell, began circulating on Twitter. In the picture, Danielle is wearing the same blue dress that she had on earlier this week when she and Louis went shopping together. Naturally, fans immediately assumed that Danielle was cheating on Louis with Tyler.

However, Sugarscape reports that Danielle Campbell didn't do anything wrong—the photo of her kissing Tyler was taken six months ago when she was still seeing the Teen Wolf star. In other words, Danielle Campbell doesn't publish 'zines and rage against washing machines—she was simply acting like a normal human being by laundering a dress and wearing it more than once. Celebrities are rarely seen wearing the same item of clothing twice, so this is likely why so many One Direction fans immediately assumed the worst.

Perhaps Danielle Campbell and Tyler Posey bonded over their love of Louis Tomlinson's boy band—Tyler has expressed a little affection for One Direction on more than one occasion.It sounds like Tyler Posey and Danielle Campbell didn't last because the Teen Wolf star was still harboring feelings for his former fiancée, Seana Gorlick. She was Tyler Posey's childhood sweetheart, and the couple spent more than ten years together before calling off their engagement in 2014.

"I still really miss her," Posey recently told People. "I can't believe I have an ex-fiancée."

He admitted that he tried to date for a while, but he just wasn't ready to get serious with someone else.

"I've never been a player or into one-night stands," he says. "I need to be single for a little while. I need time to grow."

Louis Tomlinson is probably happy that Tyler Posey decided to become a lone wolf instead of trying to make things work with Danielle Campbell.

You can watch Tyler Posey face off against Gigi Hadid when Lip Sync Battle airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival]