February 24, 2016
Much Is Revealed On 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 'All Eyez On Me'

Now that Grey's Anatomy is back from its winter hiatus, information is being revealed at a fast clip. Meredith Grey is recovering, Owen and Nathan's issues are out in the open, and Jackson and April's relationship history is also being rehashed to determine which path will be taken, resolution or divorce.

According to the Inquisitr, the Owen Hunt/Nathan Riggs fisticuffs has been one of the big puzzles to solve since Riggs touched down at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Actor Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, insists that he does not know much more than the fans, because creator Shonda Rhimes guards her scripts closely, so even he does not know the whole back story with Hunt and Riggs.

The next several episodes of Grey's Anatomy, called "Unbreak My Heart" and "All Eyez on Me" (yes, it is a reference to a Tupac album) has a team of doctors from Grey-Sloan going on a trip to a military base, and fans of Grey's Anatomy know how well field trips have gone in the past (read plane crash). There are cheerleaders in the ER and Andrew gives Maggie an ultimatum about being her boytoy on the side. "Unbreak My Heart" will be all about the unraveling of the Jackson/April relationship.
Sarah Drew, who plays April, told TVLine that in preparation for this week's episodes, she had one of the strangest table reads of her career. The scenes involve a rehashing of all that went on before this crisis.

"'It is all totally new information,' maintains April's portrayer of the hour's newly-created flashbacks, which will illuminate aspects of the couple's relationship both familiar and surprising. Ultimately, the backstory will 'inform how they [wound] up where they are now,'" wrote TVLine.

Drew explains that the entire scenes are all Jackson and April and their entanglement. Sarah Drew explains that by the end of the episode it will be clear to fans where both Jackson and April stand going forward.

Wetpaint is saying that five of the surgeons from Grey-Sloan are heading to another hospital on Grey's Anatomy. There has been no disclosure about the location of this other hospital, but it is a group visit for Meredith, Bailey, Jo, Callie, and Jackson, which is certainly taking away from the surgery pool at Grey-Sloan, leaving them with a skeleton crew. The main surgery they will be performing is a risky one on a veteran with a rare tumor, that needs the special skills that only the team from Grey's Anatomy can do.
Christian Today talks about "Unbreak My Heart" which just features a full episode of Jackson and April, and provides a postmortem of their relationship. The episode goes through each step, reminding fans about how much in love Jackson and April were, and where things went wrong. There will be funny and sad moments, including the loss of their child, which really tore the couple apart. Though it looks like the end for the couple, Drew explains that as long as Jackson and April are both still around, there is a chance that the relationship can be repaired. It is unclear whether that is a hint, or if it's just a statement about the possibilities of love.

Do you think that there will be another tragedy on Grey's Anatomy with the field trip to the military hospital? Do you think that Jackson and April will be able to work out their differences?

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