February 24, 2016
Emily Maynard Of 'The Bachelorette' Admits To Suicide Attempt, Nearly Overdosed

Emily Maynard was on The Bachelor and also The Bachelorette. Now, Emily has moved on and found love, but not from the show. She actually met her husband at church, and it all worked out. People shared the news that Emily Maynard actually attempted to commit suicide, but she never revealed it until now. Emily Maynard Johnson is the author of the new book I Said Yes, and now she is speaking out about things in her past that nobody even knew.

Emily Maynard is revealing that her life has been a struggle, just like everyone else. Emily may be gorgeous and a reality star, but that doesn't mean it has all been easy for her. When Maynard tried to find love with Brad Womack, viewers found out about the loss of her fiance NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick. The two met when Emily was just 16, and he is the father of her daughter Ricki. He was killed in a plane crash just a few days after Emily found out that she was pregnant.

When she was a teenager, Emily Maynard went to boarding school in Florida and shared that it was really hard on her. Emily shared that she didn't fit in there. Within a short time of just six months, Emily Maynard ended up in the hospital twice because once she threatened suicide and once after she overdosed on prescription pain pills. Emily admitted it was a cry for help.

"It really was a cry for help. I never really wanted to end things. I just wanted attention. It makes me sad to think about. I was so focused on the part of my heart that was empty that I couldn't see beyond where I was."
This wasn't the only hard time that Emily Maynard went through, though. She is revealing that it was really tough when she was a single mom with her first daughter.

"The first couple of years were so hard. I didn't know if I was coming or going. I was lost. I went to therapists but I knew nothing they would tell me was going to make me feel better. Mine was an issue of the heart that I needed to work out myself. And I knew that time would do that."

Emily Maynard shared that her new husband, Tyler Johnson, is her best friend. She loves being able to go into restaurants and now say that they are a family of four. Emily seems like she has found happiness, even if it wasn't on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

People shared that Emily Maynard is admitting that she didn't known if she was in love with Brad Womack or not, but her feelings for him were real. Emily revealed that it just wasn't meant to be for them. She then moved on and found love with Jef Holm. Emily said that she even told Jef that she didn't want to get engaged and was shocked when he actually proposed to her on the show. Emily knew in her heart that this wasn't going to work out in the long run. Mayard doesn't regret doing the show, though, and calls it a blessing in her life.

Are you shocked to hear that Emily Maynard tried to commit suicide when she was a teenager? Do you plan to read her new book I Said Yes? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss watching Ben Higgins try to find love on The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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