June 29, 2017
'President Donald Trump' An Ominous Possibility: A Bipartisan Democratic, Republican Coalition Can Stop Dystopian Future

America had better get her mind straight -- or the country risks the makings of a dystopian future. Oddly, the solution hinges on Democrats and Republicans crossing the aisle, linking arms and having a Kumbaya moment.

After last night's Nevada Republican caucuses victory, where a former reality TV personality won 45 percent of the vote, it became crystal clear: GOP frontrunner Donald Trump can be President of "these" United States, citing a Fox News report. In the spirit of Blake Shelton, Trump can actually "win this thang."

Suddenly, totalitarianism and extremism are the new normal in this country, and it's baffling the brightest thinkers, talking heads, and political pundits. Stranger still, voters are buying into the rhetoric and feeding on Trump's anger-fueled ideology.

What's happening to the values and principles of a democratic and "educated" electorate? Rightly so, Trump's presidential campaign has all the semblances of a -- you guessed it -- reality television program. Why aren't party leaders doing more to derail the Trump train?

Perhaps, Miami Herald writer extraordinaire Leonard Pitts, Jr. said it best in what the 2016 Elections cycle is doing to the heart of American politics.
"If it were a movie, it would be pornography. If it were a sporting event, it would be a cockfight. If it were music, it would be the sound of cats on a hot blackboard."
After finishing second place in Nevada, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who went into the contest vying for a silver medal, addressed reporters. He blames Donald Trump's president campaign trifecta of victories on a "fractured" group of voters that feed on the theatrics of his rallies and debates.
"If we don't come together, we're never going to be able to provide a clear alternative to the direction that Donald Trump wants to take the Republican Party and the country."
"President" Trump, whether by orchestration or default, has transformed deliberate thinkers into walking dead, soulless corpses who flounder in a cesspool of rage.In Trump's defense, his extremist "winning" platform has uncloaked the deepest wounds of the Conservative base that fear Obama is hell-bent on taking away their guns. Additionally, the impassioned maestro has convinced one percenters that he is the candidate of choice to help them preserve their wealth and prevent them from, as Sen. Sanders says, "paying their fair share."

Jason Roe, Senior Adviser to Rubio, spoke to CNN on Wednesday morning. He attempted to differentiate Rubio from Trump in their styles and visions to prospective voters.

Roe describes Trump, who hasn't gotten a single endorsement from any establishment candidate, said this is an "unusual election." He adds that "Donald Trump is an unorthodox" candidate, who is channeling a lot of frustration among the GOP base (Immigration crisis, the debt ceiling, spending, etc.) without "offering solutions."

Roe says Rubio is running a traditional "positive campaign," and is offering solutions that can take the country to the next level. He touts the candidate as the answer to challenge Hillary Clinton in a general election.

What happens in July when the Republican National Convention delegates decide whether or not to abscond to the status quo? Arguably, voters are not displacing traditional coffee table issues with arguments over China, Muslims and illegal immigrants crossing the borders.

Let's just imagine a Donald Trump presidential regime -- yes, regime, no administration -- in Washington. Gone are slight deviations (left or right) from the center in a politician's quest for public office.

They've been replaced by domestic -- and legal -- extremism designed to fire up the electorate. When the smoke clears, what will this country look like with Trump at the helm and with nuclear codes? Will it be "great again," or pulled apart into a black hole like a dying star?

Bottom line: Democrats and Republicans can finally call a truce and govern over a single issue. Based on an anti-Trump consensus gathering steam within the GOP establishment, it makes perfect sense to lay down its arms, work with the Blue Party, and ward off a future that is likely built on thunder without lightning.

The truth is this: it's Donald Trump's election to lose -- and that's a frightening truism.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]