Carrie Pernula Asked To Taste Neighbors’ ‘Delicious’ Children

Minnesota woman Carrie Pernula has admitted to sending anonymous letters to her neighbors, which contained some downright bizarre comments. CBS News reports that the Minneapolis woman has entered a guilty plea to a single stalking charge, an update in her case that has caused the details to, once again, go viral on social media.

The Minnesota woman was arrested back in October, 2015, after she was caught sending anonymous letters to neighbors of hers who had children. The letters were completely bizarre, making strange requests to “taste” the neighbor’s kids. One of the anonymous notes referred to the kids as looking “delicious.”

“The children look delicious. May I have a taste?”

Neighbors who had received the anonymous letters shared them on social media, and declared that they were “terrified” of the implications behind them. This led to the story going viral in the first place — and Carrie Pernula was arrested shortly following the viral attention. Not long after the family got the anonymous letter, they began receiving magazine subscriptions. The name on the recipient stickers simply read “Your Tasty Children,” which caused quite a shock.

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After Pernula’s arrest, she admitted to what she had done. However, she claimed that she sent the letters because she was angry that the neighbors’ kids made a lot of noise and littered in her backyard. In other words, she was just trying to intimidate the neighbors as a way of retaliating against what she saw as unruly parenting. CBS News reported on these details not long after the woman was initially arrested. Even though Pernula appeared to only want to scare the neighbors a little, her behavior put them in fear for the lives of their kids.

While the anonymous letters never came with any physical harm on the children of the Minnesota woman’s neighbors, there are plenty of far more tragic cases. Sometimes you truly can’t trust your neighbors, as sadly so many families learn under devastating circumstances.


In 2013, a little girl by the name of Alanna Gallagher was found slain in the middle of a road in Saginaw, Texas. Her body, partially nude, was covered with a tarp, almost as if she had simply been dumped and covered there with hopes of her body being found. After a brief investigation, the neighbor of the slain child’s family was arrested. Tyler Lane Holder will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars after he violated and killed the 6-year-old child.

In 2009, the body of missing child Sandra Cantu was found stuffed in the suitcase belonging to one of her neighbors. Melissa Huckaby was ultimately convicted of killing the little girl, who was a friend of her own young daughter. This was another case of a child being preyed upon by someone from the victim’s own community. It’s very fortunate that Pernula’s letters were supposedly only done to intimidate.

Hopefully, Carrie Pernula has learned a valuable lesson after being pulled through the criminal justice system for her reckless behavior. She was only given a stalking charge, which evidently won’t stick to her record after she completes some kind of probation period. She has also been barred from having any kind of contact with her neighbors or their children — and for very good reason, since she threatened to taste them at one time.

[Photo via Minneapolis Police mugshot]