British Weather May Force Bikinis Out Of 2012 London Olympics

London, England – Crummy British weather may force competitors in beach volleyball to ditch their two piece bikinis for more conservative, warmer clothing as the 2012 London Olympics prepare to debut on July 27, 2012.

Chilly weather and rain through the country means bikinis could be traded in for pants as athletes in the sport attempt to keep their muscles warm.

Australian competitor Tamsin Hinchley admitted that competitors would likely avoid bikinis and when asked if fans would still watch the event she said the atmosphere of the games should still keep people tuning in for the event.

The biggest concern for bikini fans is that many of the beach volleyball matches are set for later in the night when temperatures will drop close to their 24-hour lows.

Hinchley admitted to Fox Sports:

”Obviously we’re that sport, we’re the sport that wears the bikinis and we’re the sport that’s physically out there. But we’re jumping and running and sliding on the sand. We’ll be using it (cold weather gear) to benefit us physically. We’ll definitely be taking it.”

Added as an Olympic sport in 1996 during the Atlanta Games, beach volleyball has continued to increase in popularity over the years, attracting more than 500,000 fans for more than 100 matches.

In London upwards of 15,000 fans are expected to watch each beach volleyball event live, not bad for an event that started in a parking lot in Atlanta.

In the meantime thousands of fans will likely be clamoring for nice weather to prevail, if not I’m sure they will still watch … possibly.

Sometimes I wonder how the London Olympics pitch went behind closed doors, I picture this conversation: “We promise a ton of good old fashion UK rain mixed with cold temperatures and plenty of overcast sky, the perfect weather for the 2012 summer games.”

In any case bikini’s may be out at the 2012 London Olympics and that is sure to drawn plenty of sighs from male spectators.