February 24, 2016
'Mob Wives' Spoilers: Brittany Plays With Fire--Tries To Rattle Karen And Play Her Against Marissa-Plan Backfires

Mob Wives airs a new episode tonight, and it will be packed with drama. Brittany Fogarty runs to Karen to tell her about her conversation with Drita, and Gravano comes unglued when she hears the trash D' Avanzo said about her. According to VH 1, Brittany was not expecting Karen to blow up, and apparently, felt bad after she revealed the details of her private conversation with Drita. Brittany realized right away this will not end well, and she should have kept her mouth shut.

Brittany told Karen that she just saw Drita and [she] was upset about a conversation she had with Marissa Jade. Apparently, Marrissa told her that Karen was bringing up "the men" (Lee D'Avanzo and Oz) in a conversation and implied the men needed to tell the ladies (Marissa and Drita) to drop the feud and get along. Brittany claimed she was taken back by the revelation from Drita because it was her understanding that Karen believed you shouldn't bring family into any of the fights with the other cast members. Fogarty stated she told her to clear that up because she wanted to find out if she can trust Karen, or if Drita is right, and Karen is the source of many of the problems in the group.

In the Mob Wives sneak peek, Karen listened as she slowly started to get rattled after learning of Drita's accusations of her. Karen implied that Drita has used her husband to fight her battles for years now, and she's sick of the drama. Brittany told Karen she doesn't know how Marissa told Drita that she heard that the men were being asked to squash their scuffle--all she knew was Drita was completely sure Karen was the one spreading the lies and trouble.

After hearing Brittany's chit chat with Karen, she had a (clear) agenda by revealing the details of her talk with Drita. It wasn't just to clear the air, exactly. Her plan was to pit Marissa against Karen--however, her plan was an epic failure. The one thing she didn't count on was the intense history between Drita and Karen--and frankly, this is probably the last straw; their relationship has spiraled beyond control.

Around minute marker 1:01 on the Mob Wives sneak peek clip, Karen loses her cool and tells Brittany that it wasn't Marissa blaming her for involving the husbands--Marissa claimed it was Drita. Karen remembered Marissa stating that Drita was "running her mouth to the men." Karen said that this was typical Drita behavior and that she is unable to open up to her own mistakes and apologize. And, this time, Karen is done!

According to IB Times, the real sinker came when Brittany told her that Drita said she was still in love with her husband, Lee. According to Drita, Karen is obsessed with her husband. At that point, Karen saw red! Gravano told Fogarty that she isn't in love with her husband because she has a good man who is a much 'better' man than Lee. Karen admitted she was in a serious relationship with Lee; however, it was over 20 years ago, and she isn't the same person as she was then.

Karen started cursing and throwing a fit about Drita's comment that she was still harboring an affection for Lee decades after their relationship ended. Karen attacked Lee calling him a "bubble-gum gangster and rat." Karen then stated that Drita is obsessed with the relationship she had with Lee and copies everything she does--she wrote a book, she dresses like her, and she tries to act like her. In fact, Karen stated that all Drita ever does is trash her.

Karen says to Brittany, "So, you tell me--who's obsessed with who? huh? "

Brittany looked terrified at the blowup she started and noted that she felt responsible for starting a war. Apparently, she thought it would end with Karen losing trust in Marissa; instead, she launched an all-out-war between Drita and Karen. Oh dear, this isn't going to end well, at all.

"Keep my name in your mouth, You and your husband, Drita will have a big problem. If you keep my name out of your mouth, then everything is cool. I know way too many secrets about you and your husband, that you do not want to come out. [removed profanity]"
Karen and Drita have a serious conflict now--and it was all started by Brittany in hopes to stack Marrissa and Gravano against each other. Karen and Drita have not seen eye to eye in many years, so this will not end well for anyone. Mob Wives fans, tell The Inquistr what you think may happen next between Drita D'Avanzo and Karen Gravano? Is Drita correct in her assumption that Karen is still in love with Lee?

[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]