February 24, 2016
Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Share Cute Picture On Instagram After Perrie Edwards' Swimsuit Post -- Game On?

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are all loved up, and they aren't afraid to share it with fans. However, the photo comes after Perrie Edwards shared a throwback picture in a hot swimsuit. Is this social media squabble between the two ever going to come to an end? Doesn't really look like it!

The picture shared by Zayn Malik on his Instagram already has about 653,000 likes and about 34,000 comments. It surely looks like the two have quite a fan following. Does that mean the fans approve of their relationship? However, this picture should not be seen as a coincident as Perrie Edwards posted a throwback picture of herself in a cute crochet swimsuit a day ago.Is it safe to say that there may be some jealousy war going on between Gigi Hadid and Perrie Edwards? Possibly.

In the picture posted by Perrie, she was lying on the sand showing off her long legs and the caption simply said "throwback."

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been dating since November. They had kept a low profile initially, but when Zayn's music video "Pillowtalk" came out, the couple was not considered coy anymore. Gigi starred in the video, and the two can be seen kissing. Gigi had also admitted that Zayn liked her racy pictures for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Hadid said Malik was the first one to know about those pictures and that Zayn liked the pictures, the Daily Mail claimed.

Asked who she contacted first, Gigi said, "I texted my special someone, I always get excited about the pictures... He obviously liked the pictures."

Good to hear that their relationship is going really strong. But is Perrie taking to it well? She was on a break in Maldives with her family six weeks ago but is now back in England and posted this picture, the Daily Mail reports. Could she be missing the sunshine?

Gigi Hadid was in a relationship with Cody Simpson from 2013 to 2015. However, Hadid is his first girlfriend since he broke up with Perrie Edwards, to whom he was engaged.

He had started dating the Little Mix singer in 2012 after their bands competed on The X Factor. They got engaged in 2013. However, the pair broke up in August 2015.

Gigi Hadid is a successful model and often posts pictures on Instagram with herself on the cover.

ET Online recently said that Gigi Hadid's fans were not happy that the moles on her stomach were removed from the Vogue China cover.

She has several moles on her stomach, which can be seen in the picture below.

A lot of comments appeared on Gigi's Instagram.

Fans wrote, "Where is moles... I love ❤ her moles," "Put back her beauty kisses," and "Can't believe they photoshopped your moles out and u still promote it. how sad seriously."

It's clear that Gigi's fans like her just the way she is -- flaws and all. Well, that's how true fans really are! And it looks like Zayn Malik loves his girlfriends just as she is too. That explains the Polaroid shot.

Did Malik post that picture after seeing Perrie Edwards' Instagram shot? That's not sure. It can't be ruled out completely that Gigi Hadid may just be jealous of Perrie Edwards.

What do you think? Do Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid make a hot pair? Do you think Gigi Hadid might just be a bit jealous of Zayn Malik's ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards? Whatever your opinion, do post in the comments below.

[Photo By Randy Brooke/Getty Images]