Matt Baier, Fiance of Amber Portwood, Sued for Child Support For Child Number 8

Amber Portwood's fiancé, Matt Baier, has admitted in the past to having four kids, but according to Radar Online, that is only half of his children. Matt has at least eight kids and he is going to have to work a lot of jobs in order to support them all. One mother, Kelli Maguire Nunn, is suing him for child support, while the other five women are banding together to also sue him for unpaid child support.

Kelli Maguire Nunn filed papers at the Florida Martin County Circuit Court demanding that Matt Baier pay all the money he owes in back child support for their 8-year-old daughter whose name was not revealed by Radar Online.

Kelli claims that Matt insisted that they have a child together almost immediately, but when she was two months pregnant, Matt left her to raise the child on her own.

Kelli Nunn wrote that her daughter "has Matt's eyes and makes some expressions like him." She added that she has begged him to pay some child support to her, to help out with expenses, but the MTV star Matt Baier refused to pay anything.

Matt met his daughter for the first time when she was 2-days-old, and he introduced himself as her sperm donor. Kelli said that she kicked him out of the house for good after a comment like that. She didn't see him again until 2009 when he begged her to take him back and give their relationship another chance.

Kelli Nunn admitted that she took Matt back, but their relationship was soon tested. Kelli, her daughter, and Matt went to Foxwood's Casino in Connecticut because Matt wanted to gamble at the poker tables. While they were there, Matt allegedly told her that he felt nothing toward the little girl.

"He said, 'I've been spending a lot of time with her. I know she's mine and I should feel a bond, but I don't feel anything."
It was then that Kelli Nunn said that she and her daughter left him for good.

Most men, after admitting to the fact of being a child's father, step in and help pay for things that their kids may need. However, Matt refused to do anything. He would not provide financial assistance, food, clothing, or anything else for his daughter's care.

One night, about six years later, Kelli Nunn said she was sitting at home watching Teen Mom OG. Suddenly, she was confronted with her past as Matt Baier's face appeared on the screen. Not only did Kelli recognize the dead-beat dad, so did all her friends. She said her phone started ringing off the hook with everyone calling tell her Matt Baier was on TV.

According to Radar Online, Kelli opened the case in 2009, when she asked Matt Baier to pay child support. The documents dated for the month of December 2015, show that Matt paid $239.00 in child support since 2009. According to the documents, he was ordered to pay weekly sums of $15 for Payment toward Arrears along with a $60 court order. His past due amount is $9,726.56 with $1,053.82 owed to Parent and 22 cents owed to Commonwealth.

Kelli said that she met Matt Baier while they were working at a Frito Lay warehouse. In July, he seduced her with sunflowers and within a month, Matt moved in with her and asked her to marry him. She said the events of his proposal were almost identical to the way he proposed to Amber.

"He asked me to meet him at work, and he gave a very similar speech. He said, 'This is where we met and bonded, we're two peas in a pod.' It was almost verbatim what he said to Amber."
Kelli Nunn maintains that after Matt moved in with her, he pushed her to get pregnant as soon as possible. In September, she was with child and by October, Matt dropped her and moved out.

Earlier this month, it was confirmed by Radar Online, that Gary Shirley's accusations that Matt Baier had seven children, were true, but that did not include Kelli Nunn in the equation. Now, Matt is being sued by all the women he seduced and bore his children. Kelli has her own case, but the other five women have banded together to sue Matt for unpaid child support in an Indiana court.

According to Kelli Nunn, Matt Baier is "a pathological liar, a con man. I bet he thinks he found the jackpot with Amber."

Kelli Nunn wanted to get the word out, warning Amber Portwood of the type of man she's hooked up with. She points out that he already has eight children that he abandoned.
"You can't fix him, and you're going to be hurt by him. It's going to be you and Leah getting hurt by him. You deserve better."
Do you think that Matt Baier will ever get caught up or pay the back child support he owes Kelli Nunn and all the other women?

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