‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Fights For Nathan, Sonny Makes Moves, And Lulu Battles For Survival

Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next in Port Charles on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the chaos at the church and on the docks continues after Morgan’s interference with the gun delivery. Kiki and Nathan have been shot, and Lulu is drowning while mob boss Dixon continues to hold a church full of people hostage. What’s coming up on the February 24 show?

Dante is desperately searching the Haunted Star, looking for Lulu, and she is struggling in the water. General Hospital spoiler previews show that he will soon jump into the water to save her, and it seems likely that happens during Wednesday’s episode. While Lulu will be rescued, she may still be in serious condition as a result. It sounds as if this life-threatening incident may be the catalyst that brings Lulu and Dante back together again.

Dixon still has everybody held hostage at the church, and so far nobody has found quite the right opportunity to tackle and disarm him. Nathan tried, but was shot, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Maxie will be desperate to get help for him, as she cannot control his bleeding. According to We Love Soaps, this episode brings multiple people working together to deal with a difficult situation, and this surely refers to the hostages at the wedding.

General Hospital previews show Dixon pointing the gun at Molly and Kristina, and Sonny exploding that if the girls are hurt, Dixon is a dead man. Ava will volunteer to become the sole hostage, and there has been buzz that Sonny may be the one to save the day. Nobody at the church knows that Sonny can stand, and Dixon is underestimating the mob boss as a result. Will one of the wedding guests manage to distract Dixon long enough for Sonny to rise and take him down?


Soap Central notes that Carly has to deliver bad news in Wednesday’s show, and most would imagine that this means she will be breaking the news of Kiki’s situation to Ava or someone else close to her. Does this mean that the hostage situation is fully resolved in Wednesday’s episode? While Carly and Ava have a long history of hating one another, General Hospital spoilers detail that during this ordeal, Carly will be feeling some compassion for her arch-nemesis.

Morgan will be held at the police station, but he is angry and desperate to get to Kiki. It seems that soon Morgan will be released, as he is seen at the hospital. In addition, General Hospital spoilers tease that he will end up on a rooftop, seemingly contemplating jumping. While fans can feel confident that Morgan is talked down from this situation, he is said to hit rock bottom as a result of these events this week.


Anna and Paul will be facing serious questions about how this mess on the pier played out, and General Hospital spoiler previews show Kiki being rushed into the hospital. Ava will explode at Morgan, telling him that Kiki’s situation is his fault, as Franco looks on. There will be a slap from Ava to Paul at the church, which is surely a reaction to learning that he was playing her when it came to orchestrating the gun delivery and creating this mess.

While Nathan will need to be rushed to the hospital, it looks like he will fully recover. General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation will prompt a proposal from Maxie, but he may not give her the response she expects. From the looks of things, that plays out on Friday’s show.

Viewers were left hanging on Tuesday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there may be more jaw-droppers ahead as the week plays out. Luckily, it looks like Lulu, Kiki, and Nathan will all pull through this one, but this chaos is sure to leave a lasting mark and fans can’t wait to see what comes next.


[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]