Farrah Abraham May Not Be Done With ‘Teen Mom’: The Hints She’s Dropping

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham decided to return to the show this season after being partially cut out from the show last year. Maci Bookout didn’t want to film the show if Farrah was going to film it as well, because she didn’t want to be on a show with an adult film star. Of course, the MTV producers decided to offer Abraham the opportunity to come back, but she clearly wasn’t happy with the delayed invitation. And maybe something is still sour between herself and MTV, because the finale proved to be quite the show. According to a new People report, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham threatened to quit the show even though she was under a legal agreement.

Abraham was furious with MTV because they didn’t allow her to film another reality show. Farrah had been offered another contract to do a therapy show with her mother, but MTV turned down her request, because the show would be covering a lot of the same content. And she was furious, because she felt that MTV was keeping money from her. The producers showed up to film the final scenes with Farrah, and she flipped out on the producing team.

“You know what’s so f**king laughable right now?” she told producer Larry Musnik in front of her house in Austin, Texas, adding, “I’m laughing, I would love to not laugh in your face, why are you so white trash?”

Farrah Abraham was so upset that she refused to film the show. Producers tried to get into the home, but things only escalated from there. Abraham came out of the home and got into a physical fight with a producer.

“What a dumb, twisted motherf**ker!” Farrah Abraham continued.

But Larry was quick to fight back, adding, “This entire thing for you is because of this show! We walked in the door when you were in a cheerleading outfit. This gave you your start.”

But Abraham doesn’t seem very thankful for MTV’s help to jumpstart her career, adding that MTV had capitalized on Derek’s death, saying, “Sophia’s dad died, that’s what got your s**t picked up.”

When he tried to talk to Abraham, she flipped out, calling him “white trash.”

“Son of a b***h, get the f**k away from me,” she shrieked, pushing Musnik away from her, to which he replied, “It is not that! We stood by you every step of the way!”

“Go f**k yourself, and I will never work with you guys again,” she yelled before running into her home.

In that last clip, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham claimed that she would never work with MTV again. The season ended with no resolution from Abraham, but she did use Twitter to give major hints about the future. According to the Daily Mail, Abraham is already done with Teen Mom and could be looking elsewhere for work. But during the finale, Farrah was retweeting plenty of things.

It was clear that she wasn’t happy with MTV showing the physical altercation on the show’s finale episode. She thanked MTV in a sarcastic matter, clearly hinting that she wasn’t too pleased about it. Farrah also wrote that MTV has no right to mess with her family, saying that she will protect them no matter what. All of these signs hint that she isn’t coming back.

But on Instagram, she posted a picture with her producer just one week ago. And she retweeted a tweet that explained production had already started for Season 7. Surely, Abraham wouldn’t be promoting this upcoming season if she wasn’t returning.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham possibly leaving Teen Mom?

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