February 24, 2016
Demi Lovato Opens Up About The 'Pain & Heartbreak' Behind New Song 'Stone Cold'

Demi Lovato is opening up about her new music video for the single "Stone Cold" and dishing on the "pain and heartbreak" that came with writing the emotional ballad.

Lovato opened up about the song and its personal music video released yesterday in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, where Demi described the process as the "hardest" music video she's ever created, both emotionally and physically.

"It was actually the hardest video I've ever shot… emotionally it's difficult," Demi told the site of the music video shoot - which sees her lying in a bathtub and walking the snowy mountains of Park City, Utah - in the candid new interview.

Lovato also revealed to the site this week that the theatrical video was also tough for another reason: the snow she faced in the Utah mountains.

"I'm in the snow and it's up to my waist - that's literally how deep the snow was," Demi told Entertainment Tonight. "It was just soaking wet because I had been in the snow for so long."

Demi also spoke to the site about the emotionally charged lyrics of the raw new song, taken from Lovato's latest album Confident, where she confessed that she drew from personal experience when co-writing the single with Laleh Pourkarim and Gustaf Thörn.

"Every time I write a song, or every time I do a scene when I act, I always draw from personal experience," Demi revealed in the new interview, admitting that she thinks a lot of her fans will be able to relate to the messages in "Stone Cold."

"For me, it was therapy, but I also knew that a lot of people could relate to it -- so I wrote it," Lovato said.

Demi Lovato also admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she often applies the emotional lyrics in the hit, and other raw ballads like "Skyscraper," to different situations she's going through in her personal life while she performs such emotionally charged tracks.

"The last time I performed ['Stone Cold']... I was actually thinking about my grandmother who wasn't doing so well in the hospital," Demi admitted, "I kind of related it to that experience that I was going through."

"I put my heart and soul into every performance, whether it's in front of two people or it's in front of millions on a talk show or something. When you channel that energy and you go to that different place emotionally, it's not easy," Lovato added.

Following the big release of the "Stone Cold" music video on January 24, Demi took to social media to reveal to her more than 34 million Twitter followers that she was "so proud" of the song and the video.

"Very proud of this 1. #StoneColdVideo is here. Watch on @Vevo now," Lovato wrote on the 140-character site.

Demi previously confirmed that the music video was the "hardest" she's ever worked on in a separate tweet posted on the social media account on February 22.

"My favorite song on the album and the most emotional video I've ever shot #StoneColdVideo: Feb. 23, 2016," Lovato wrote on Twitter earlier this week alongside a 15-second teaser of the music video in which Demi admitted that she "channeled [her] emotion" into the piece.

"I just went there," Lovato revealed, confessing that she "almost couldn't stop crying" when the director said cut because she "let herself feel" throughout the shoot.

But it looks like all Lovato's hard work definitely paid off as Demi's latest music video has already reached more than one million views in the first 12 hours of its release on VEVO.

"'Stone Cold' has been out for only 12 hours and it already has over a million views!!" Demi Lovato fan @Flawless_Demi tweeted out on February 24.

Watch Demi Lovato's music video for "Stone Cold" below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]