February 24, 2016
Kaley Cuoco Instagram Account Gone After Interview With Ellen? Maybe Not

Kaley Cuoco allegedly deleted her Instagram account following an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that aired on Tuesday. The 30-year-old Big Bang Theory star talked divorce, tattoos, and Instagram with American talk show host Ellen. Following the short sit-down interview on NBC's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kaley Cuoco's Instagram account appeared to have mysteriously disappeared. Cuoco has, so far, not given an explanation as to why her personal Instagram account now says page not available, according to a rumor that began circulating on Metro on Wednesday.

In fact, Cuoco has been fairly silent following Tuesday's emotional interview with the 58-year-old American talk show host. The only movement fans have seen from Kaley since the interview has been the removal of her Instagram account, which also allegedly happens to have been the only social media account Kaley Cuoco had that was all about her and only her, according to an unconfirmed rumor that started floating around the Internet on Wednesday. Cuoco still regularly maintains an Instagram account for her dog, Norman Cook, where she last posted a video two days prior to the Ellen DeGeneres interview.

Kaley has no problem giving her dog a voice via his own personal Instagram account, especially considering her two years' experience voicing the pampered, spunky, mixed-breed cartoon dog, Brandy, on the Disney Channel animated series Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. But, out of the nearly 2,000 posts currently on the Norman Cook Instagram account, most of them are about Kaley Cuoco, posted by Kaley Cuoco as herself. So, did Cuoco's Instagram account really disappear following Ellen, or did it really not disappear?

Well, someone's Kaley Cuoco Instagram account is obviously gone, but, according to an early 2015 report by 2Paragraphs, the missing Kaley Cuoco Instagram account never belonged to the one and only American actress, Kaley Christine Cuoco-Sweeting. 2Paragraphs reported that the Norman Cook Instagram account is really Kaley Cuoco's own and only official personal Instagram account. Cuoco reportedly prefers to use an alias account on Instagram for reasons undisclosed, but 2Paragraphs theorized that Cuoco probably chose the @normancook alias because that really is her dog's name, and the last name Cuoco translates to cook in Italian.

Cuoco doesn't exactly keep it a secret that she often uses the @normancook Instagram profile as her own.

"Sometimes I'm Kaley. Sometimes I'm Norman. Depends on the day."
So, what started the rumor that Kaley Cuoco had suddenly deleted her Instagram account? Since Cuoco talked openly with Ellen about her recent divorce from husband, Ryan Sweeting, and a new tattoo of a moth she had inked on her back to cover up another tattoo of her and Sweeting's wedding date, Metro conjectured that Cuoco may have received too many unfavorable comments on the @kaleycuoco Instagram account following the interview, so she deleted it. Or, the disappearance could have been an Instagram glitch. Whatever the reason, Metro really didn't think Cuoco would delete her Instagram account due to her and Sweeting's divorce. According to Metro, Cuoco appears to be much happier after splitting from a marriage that didn't even last two years, and had already deleted all traces of the 28-year-old professional tennis player from her Instagram account.Sweeting and Cuoco's divorce was an odd turn of events, though, especially after Cuoco said she knew Sweeting was the one, even though the cute couple only dated for three months prior to their marriage in December, 2013.

"When you know, you know," said Cuoco.

In fact, only one week before Cuoco abruptly announced her divorce, she was gushing about Sweeting on Andy Cohen's late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live. But a source told People in September, 2015, that Cuoco and Sweeting were miserable in their marriage. That same month, the New York Daily News reported that Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce because Sweeting had allegedly developed a dependency on painkillers and couldn't make a commitment to stop using them.

Cuoco decided she couldn't fix Sweeting and wasn't going to waste time ending the marriage, saying she was ready to move on.

"I already feel like 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015. It's been rough, but things are going good. I'm much, much better now. I'm in a much better place than I was," said Kaley Cuoco in Tuesday's interview.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]