One Direction, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, And Louis Tomlinson: Where Are They And When Will They Be Back?

One Direction is in the midst of an 18-month break, which began in the fall of last year. Since then, members have been keeping up via Twitter, with at least some of their band mates. Niall Horan has kept fans posted on his travels, and Louis Tomlinson posts pictures of baby Freddie. Liam Payne has been around, posting things, visiting band mates, and staying busy. Others seem more distant. Harry seems to be deliberately avoiding former band mates, taking the word “break” literally, apparently, and he is also very busy trying to write music. But they are all quite busy, catching up on their everyday lives. Learn what they did on their break, when they will be back, and Oh, yes, they will be back! You can see them together much sooner than you think.

Niall Horan

One Direction vocalist Niall Horan has been in Southeast Asia. He’s been traveling around backpacking, staying in hostels and have a great experience with his old friends from home. Niall posted this picture on his Twitter yesterday. We can see that he and his friends are having a great time.

Niall Horan of One Direction, and his friends, first traveled to Melbourne, Australia, via coach seats on a commercial airline, as reported by Yahoo News. They went on “walk about,” as is traditional there, walking around seeing the sites, and backpacking. From there they traveled to Bali, Indonesia, and then to Boracay, Philippines. Most recently they were in Southeast Asia, touring Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. It has been very exciting, but it sounds like the trip is starting to wind down.


Louis Tomlinson

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson became a father over the break. He and little Freddie are having a great opportunity to bond as a family. Louis’ family also came to visit for a couple of weeks. The Inquisitr reports that Tomlinson may be the next X-Factor judge, but there is no confirmation on that yet. For a little over a month now, Louis has been relaxing with his baby, and enjoying his time off from One Direction.


Harry Styles

One Direction vocalist Harry Styles is very busy working to produce a solo album. He has broken up with Kendall Jenner, and wants to focus on his music. After the Grammy awards, he was seen at various after parties with Ringo Starr and various other classic rock musicians. He is cultivating new friendships, and avoiding others. Most of this seems to be in an effort to evolve into a more adult and serious career and image.

Joe Walsh, Harry Styles, Ringo Star with Marjorie and Barbara Bach [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]
Joe Walsh, Harry Styles, Ringo Star with Marjorie and Barbara Bach [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Liam Payne

One Direction’s Liam Payne took a bit of time to travel, going to Maldives and reportedly getting a great tattoo there. But Liam soon missed his friends and returned to L.A. where he met with Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, as reported by Unreality TV. Liam Payne is determined to keep One Direction together through this extended break. Apparently, he has been negotiating an appearance by the whole group at the Brit Awards. It was previously believed One Direction would not be attending. Will Zayn Malik be with them?

Recording artist Liam Payne of One Direction
Recording artist Liam Payne of One Direction (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction, has had a full year to work on his solo career. He has produced two great singles and his album, Mind of Mine will be released on March 25 of this year. That is the anniversary of his departure from One Direction. Liam wants Zayn to return, but will he? Maybe for a reunion tour?

Breaking News!

One Direction Members are going to make it to the Britt Awards after all. They all took flights to London yesterday, and you can stream video of them live at 2:30 p.m. on YouTube or watch at 8:30 p.m. on Fuse.

When will One Direction reunite? Tomorrow! When can we expect the boys to return from their break? While nothing is set in stone, if the break is really 18 months, we can figure they will be back together by the summer of next year with many stories of their adventures to tell.

One Direction singers Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan should reunite in the summer of 2017.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]