Demi Lovato Denies Taylor Swift Diss And Speaks Up For Rape Victims In Passionate Post

Demi Lovato has clarified some passionate tweets she posted over the weekend, supposedly directed at fellow singer Taylor Swift. She denies the diss, saying that the anger was her way of supporting rape victims.

Lovato posted a retraction of sorts on Instagram Tuesday. The media had surmised her weekend tweets were veiled criticisms of Swift's $250,000 donation to help Kesha in her legal battle with an allegedly abusive producer.

"As most people know, I tend to get fired up about the things I believe in," Demi wrote. "Although my heart and intentions are always in the right place, unfortunately sometimes my passion gets the best of me and causes me to say things that I probably shouldn't say."

Lovato's post was made alongside a graphic from The Enliven Project regarding rape victims. The graphic details how many rapists are reported, put to trial, jailed, and falsely accused, as opposed to the number who go unreported, Rolling Stone reported.

In order to understand Demi Lovato's passionate comments about rape victims, you need to understand what's going on right now with Kesha. The latest development in her case, in which she sought, and failed, to break a record contract with her alleged abuser, came on Friday.

According to CNN, the legal ordeal between the singer and Kemosabe producer Dr. Luke began in 2014, but the story began when they started working together around 2005. In 2009, she made an uncredited debut in the song "Right Round," and a year later, became famous in her own right with "Tik Tok."

In 2013, fans, suspecting that the producer was controlling the singer, petitioned for her to be released from her contract and his control. That year, the pop star said that the songs she'd been forced to release "perpetuated a particular image that may or may not be entirely accurate. I'd like to show the world other sides of my personality."

By 2014, the details of the story behind the scenes were revealed: she sued her producer for assault and sexual battery, alleging that during her entire career, Dr. Luke had controlled and "physically, verbally, and emotionally abused," to the point she "nearly lost her life." His alleged motive?

"To destroy her self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth so that he could maintain complete control over her life and career."

She's also accused him of raping her while she was "intoxicated or drugged."

Dr. Luke has countersued for defamation, and last year, Kesha and her attorney asked the court for a preliminary injunction that would release her from her contract. On Friday, that injunction was denied.

Supporters, like Demi Lovato, have rallied around her, claiming that the case is about rape victims' rights and that she's being forced to work with her abuser. Whether or not this is legally true isn't clear. Kesha's civil suit will go forward.

Back to Demi's comment about rape victims.

According to the Wrap, Swift donated money to pay for her fellow singer's legal fees, a gesture that apparently didn't impress Lovato.

She tweeted, "Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I'll be impressed."

Demi hasn't addressed this comment or whether it was a criticism of Taylor but said the point of her words was to speak out for alleged rape victims like Kesha, saying, "All I want to see is women coming together and actually making a difference," CBS News added.

"Our focus should be on the topic of victims of sexual and physical abuse being afraid to come forward with their stories. They're more likely to face retaliation and harassment than to see justice being served. Especially women. It baffles me that when it comes to serious issues like equality and abuse, too often women are not taken as seriously as men. At the end of the day, helping (rape) victims is all that matters. Ultimately, the message I want people to hear is it's okay to come forward with your abuse and if you do decide to take action, you are not alone."

Dr. Luke denies ever having sex with his former protégé. He also claims that her accusations are an attempt to get a more lucrative contract.

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