February 24, 2016
‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Thought He Was Getting Dumped On Worst Hometown Date Ever

Ben Higgins thought he was getting dumped during the hometown dates on The Bachelor. The 26-year-old Bachelor star, who traveled to Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and California to meet his final four ladies' families, has revealed that when he first touched down in Texas for his hometown date with JoJo Fletcher, he thought for sure she was breaking up with him to go back with her ex-boyfriend Chad.

In one of the "most dramatic" Bachelor scenes ever, viewers saw JoJo get a dozen roses and a love letter from her ex while she was waiting for Ben. While the 25-year-old real estate developer first thought the note was from The Bachelor star, she quickly became upset when she realized it was from her ex-boyfriend, Dallas salon owner Chad Rookstool. In his letter, Chad revealed that he regretted his mistakes and that he wanted to get back together with her. The distraught Bachelor contestant called her ex and ended things for good just minutes before Ben Higgins walked in the door.

On his blog for People, Higgins revealed that he really thought JoJo was about to break up with him because she was crying and had roses that he knew weren't. from him. While The Bachelor star admits that he had heard a lot about her ex-boyfriend and wasn't even surprised he was trying to win her back, he had his doubts that she wanted to continue her journey with him on The Bachelor.
Walking in there and seeing her crying and talking about him sending her roses and the letter and the phone conversation along with knowing all their history together, I was absolutely sure she was about to break up with me and get back with him.
Higgins went back to his "fear of being unlovable," adding that while he now knows that JoJo never even considered going back with her ex, it was a fear for him until she explained that she had ended things once and for all.
Watching it back, I think you can see that written all over my face when she is first talking to me. After talking to JoJo that day I know now that it was never even a consideration in her mind, but for someone who has a fear of being unlovable, I just thought that this was the beginning of the end and I was crushed. So when she said that she was happy to put an end to her and Chad, it was an instant relief and I was able to breathe again. JoJo had really come to mean so much to me that the idea of her walking away in that moment really terrified me.
Of course, Ben Higgins had reason to feel threatened. JoJo and her ex were reportedly on good terms when she left to film The Bachelor, so much so that Chad even watched her dog while she was away. And according to Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Fletcher's split from her ex occurred shortly before she signed on to The Bachelor. Before the season started, Harrison told Yahoo TV that Fletcher was a free spirit who "recently went through a breakup." He also described her as "a little gun shy and reluctant… that girl who has the walls up." So it's not hard to see why Ben Higgins didn't feel totally confident about her connection with him.But Ben Higgins' brush with a breakup was the least of his problems in Dallas. Higgins got grilled to a crisp by Fletcher's family, most notably by her two overprotective brothers, Matt and Ben. Things got really heated in the Fletcher kitchen when her brothers accused The Bachelor star of leading women on, brainwashing them, and being coached on his answers. While Ben addressed all of the family's concerns, he admitted that even when he left Dallas, he wasn't sure where thing stood with this very vocal family.
I will say that I walked out of there with real questions about whether or not that family would accept me or even liked me at all. I knew that my relationship with JoJo was still really great, but I really had no clue with where I stood with her family when that night was over.
Bachelor fans know that, despite his reservations, Ben Higgins ending up giving JoJo a rose, and now it's on to the fantasy suite dates in Jamaica. But let this one go in the record books as the worst hometown date ever on The Bachelor.

Take a look at the video for more on Ben Higgins' disastrous hometown date on The Bachelor.

[Photo By Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]