Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2, Episode 9 Recap — The MCU’s First Musical Sequence

If you have ever felt like the one thing missing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a little song and dance, than the most recent episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter may be just what you’re looking for.

For the second week in a row, Marvel fans were treated to two hours of Agent Carter, as “A Little Song and Dance” immediately followed “The Edge of Mystery” on ABC Tuesday night (last Tuesday, ABC aired “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” back-to-back). In an obvious dream sequence, Agent Carter finds herself singing and dancing with Professor Jason Wilkes and Chief Daniel Sousa before waking up in the back of Joseph Manfredi’s truck along with Edwin Jarvis.

The 120 minutes of Agent Carter felt like a natural two-parter, as the previous episode ended with everyone in the middle of the desert. While Wilkes lay unconscious after being temporarily absorbed by Zero Matter, Whitney Frost and Manfredi planned to hold Carter and Jarvis hostage until Wilkes agreed to help the movie starlet/scientist better understand how to manipulate and use Zero Matter. Meanwhile, Vernon Masters told Frost he’d send his men to pick up and take care of Sousa, Chief Jack Thompson and Dr. Aloysius Samberly.

Chief Jack Thompson has a plan

For Episode 9, Chief Thompson was more involved than he has been all season. As Masters’ men arrived to take care of Thompson, Sousa and Samberly, Thompson convinced them not to kill him or the others, claiming to have been secretly tracking Agent Carter the whole time. Back at the SSR offices, when left alone with Masters, Sousa and Samberly, Thompson told Masters that he had a plan all along to help Masters take control of Whitney Frost.

The plan was for Sousa and Samberly to fix the gamma ray cannon used to close the Zero Matter rift. Once fixed, it could be used to eliminate Frost. In reality, he had Dr. Samberly rig the gamma ray cannon to simply explode, hoping to kill Wilkes, Masters, and Frost all at once.

Agent Carter wouldn’t have any of this, and once Sousa, Carter, and Samberly figured out what Thompson was planning, they managed to prevent him from triggering the gamma ray cannon bomb. Wilkes, however, walked into the room with Frost and Masters and forced the Zero Matter within himself to cause an explosion. Thanks to the preview of next week’s episode that aired during the credits, we know that Frost survives the explosion.

Other events worth mentioning

While they never went into great detail, throughout the episode, Wilkes was demonstrating the effects of being absorbed by the Zero Matter rift, as his eyes would change and his skin began to show scars similar to those on Whitney’s face. His act at the end the episode appeared to be an act of martyrdom, as he was hoping to eliminate the threat of Frost and Zero Matter for good.

Ana Jarvis wasn’t yet released from the hospital. While the viewers weren’t allowed to overhear, Edwin broke the news to her that the bullet wound left her unable to bear children. Ana instructed Edwin to help Agent Carter in whatever way he could, which one would assume he will do in the season finale next week.

Chief Sousa’s brief-but-former fiance Angie made a quick appearance in the opening dream sequence. Perhaps her character isn’t completely finished on Agent Carter.

Peggy broke herself and Jarvis out of the back of Manfredi’s truck. As the two of them started walking back home through the desert, they have a pretty intense exchange of words, unlike we’ve seen between these two previously.

With Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set to return on March 8, this episode is the final Agent Carter before the season finale next week.

Where To Watch

ABC airs Marvel’s Agent Carter Tuesday evenings at 9/8c while Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on a mid-season break. Highlights of this week’s episodes of Agent Carter (“The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance”) will be made available at ABC’s website. Beginning Wednesday, replays of Agent Carter can be streamed on-demand with a Hulu Plus Subscription. Although not currently available through Hulu or Netflix, the first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter can be streamed if purchased through Amazon.

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