February 24, 2016
Tall White Aliens Hover In ‘Cloaked’ Flying Saucer UFO Over Las Vegas, New Mexico, Says UFO Hunters -- It's A Lenticular Cloud, Says Meteorologist [Photos]

The appearance of a flying saucer UFO-shaped cloud formation over Las Vegas in New Mexico on Monday sparked a brief, but snarky, exchange between UFO researchers and a local meteorologist who insisted it was only a lenticular cloud. But some UFO hunters argued that the cloud was actually an alien UFO manned by Tall White aliens linked to the U.S. military. Others argued it was a Project SERPO alien spaceship that missed the way to the city of Roswell.

Some residents of Las Vegas in New Mexico were thrown into panic on Monday after spotting a flying saucer-shaped cloud formation hanging low over the city. The appearance of the "flying saucer UFO" was so reminiscent of scenes from the 1996 Independence Day movie that rumors spread that a flying saucer mothership UFO was hovering over the city.

But Jorge Torres, chief meteorologist at KOB-TV, who obtained photos of the "UFO" and uploaded them to Twitter, tried to calm fears about an Independence Day-style alien invasion, saying that the formation was only a lenticular cloud and not a flying saucer.

"Lenticular cloud or even a shelf cloud. Amazing shot from viewers in Las Vegas," he tweed airily.

But UFO researchers pushed back, arguing that the massive cloud-like formation was evidently a "cloaked" flying saucer UFO. They argued that the "cloaking" was so poorly executed that any experienced UFO hunter would see through the disguise immediately.

According to UFO hunters, aliens often disguise their UFOs as clouds because they know that it fools naïve meteorologists like Torres. UFO researchers explained that with regard to the practice of "cloud cloaking," there are two types of UFOs: the first hide in thick cloud formations while the second generate their own clouds.

"Despite Mr. Torrres' explanation, there is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate," UFO Sightings Hotspot lectured.

UFO hunters also noted that the appearance of a massive "cloaked" flying saucer UFO over Las Vegas was not surprising with the city of Roswell nearby.

"Um, it's obviously a spaceship from Roswell!"
Some UFO hunters linked the "flying saucer" to the legendary Project SERPO, an alleged top-secret alien exchange program between the U.S. government and aliens called Ebens from the planet SERPO in the zeta reticuli star system.

But Scott Waring, a well-known UFO blogger, claimed that the UFO belonged to Tall Whites, another alleged extraterrestrial race believed to have worked with the U.S. military since the 1950s.

Alien conspiracy theorists believe that Tall Whites control the U.S. government, and that Obama is a Tall White in disguise. Other conspiracy theorists have linked the Tall Whites with the Israeli military and, oddly, the Nazis.

According to UFO researchers, after the Tall Whites began working with the U.S. government in the 1950s, they developed an addiction to gambling, and since then, they have regularly visited Las Vegas (Nevada) casinos disguised as humans. Maybe this time, a group of Tall White visitors on their way to Las Vegas, Nevada, missed the way and ended up in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

And when later in the day Torres uploaded to Twitter images showing unusual atmospheric phenomenon over Roswell, some UFO researchers declared the strange clouds proof that aliens were prowling over New Mexico in "cloaked" UFOs, and that they were likely on a mission linked to the 1947 Roswell crash.

When Torres argued that the strange Roswell clouds were not alien clouds but likely "cold air funnel clouds," a UFO enthusiast responded sarcastically, "Roswell? Cold air funnel clouds? Sure..."

The sarcastic tweet prompted a response from Torres, "Aliens paid me to say that, Lily."

UFO blogger Scott Waring joined the debate on the side of UFO enthusiasts, who claimed that the "flying saucer UFO" was manned by the Tall Whites.

"There is only one species I heard of that acts this cocky, and that's the Tall Whites. They look just like us when they are children, but will grow taller after 400 years."

"Only their eyes, skin color and walk give them away," he continued. "They are known to enter Vegas, Nevada to have some fun. They also like to play mind games with humans to show their superiority. It boosts their ego and trust me... let them win."

But some UFO hunters insisted that the "UFO" was not a Tall White alien spaceship by a Project SERPO spaceship.

Alien and UFO hunters who promote the Project SERPO conspiracy theory claim that a 3,000 page top-secret document dating back to the 1970s leaked in 2005 by anonymous whistleblowers from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reveals that the Roswell UFO originated from planet SERPO in the zeta reticuli system, populated by a people called the Ebens.

According to conspiracy theorists, the U.S. government has been involved since the mid-1960s in a top-secret alien exchange project with the Ebens from the planet SERPO. The U.S. government sent 10 male and two female astronauts to planet SERPO in 1965.

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