WWE News: Undertaker's 'WWE RAW' Return Date Announced

On Monday, Shane McMahon made his shocking return to WWE. It was something that almost no one was expecting, but the announcement that came afterwards was even more shocking than Shane O'Mac's return itself.

For months, there has been a ton of speculation surrounding who Undertaker's opponent would be at WrestleMania 32. Some suggested it would be the Wyatt Family's Braun Strowman, while others were hoping for someone like Kevin Owens or John Cena to take on "The Deadman" on WWE's grandest stage.

Last week, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania would be someone who wasn't on the WWE roster currently, which led many to believe that "The Phenom" would be taking on either Goldberg or Sting.

As it turns out, Undertaker's opponent will be Shane McMahon, with the stipulation being that if Shane O'Mac wins, he gains control of World Wrestling Entertainment. Also, the match will be contested inside Hell in a Cell.


Now, the only question is, when will Undertaker make his return to WWE television to begin building up his match with Shane? Well, that question has now been answered.

Undertaker will make his return to WWE Monday Night Raw this coming Monday night in Nashville, Tennessee.


There are people who are questioning if Shane McMahon will even wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania, saying that he'll probably bring someone like Goldberg or John Cena in to wrestle "The Phenom."

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE hasn't even been in contact with Goldberg. But, as for John Cena, well, he strongly teased a match with Undertaker via Instagram, as he posted a photo of "The Deadman" on Sunday.


Undertaker will clearly be positioned as the heel in his feud with Shane McMahon, which will make for an interesting dynamic at WrestleMania 32, as the event takes place in Undertaker's home-state of Texas.

There's been some question about whether or not Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon will end up being the main-event of the show, because most people believe that Shane O'Mac will end up winning the match, and becoming WWE's new authority figure, which may create some issues for the Triple H vs. Roman Reigns match.

In terms of what Shane McMahon's role will be in WWE going forward, well, at this moment, it looks like he'll only be a television personality.

Shane is currently living in the New York area, and he's likely going to continue on running the business's that he's developed since leaving WWE six-years ago. So, while he's doing that, he will be free to appear on WWE television once a week for the foreseeable future.

On Tuesday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed why Shane McMahon likely won't be involved with WWE's creative team.

"The people treated Shane like he was God coming back. If they only knew about his booking ideas. Think about this, for everyone who is critical of Stephanie and Paul Levesque (Triple H), and the booking... Almost everyone who was around for the ideas of both (Shane and Stephanie), universally, with no exceptions, when it came to ideas, and when it came to wrestling, Stephanie and Paul are so far ahead of him that it's not even funny."
Of course, WWE is looking for a way to boost their falling television ratings. So if Shane ends up beating Undertaker at WrestleMania, then that could be an indication that he's back for more than just a television role.

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