Evidence Shows That Holmes Planned Shooting For Months

James Holmes, the man accused of the tragedy that occured during a premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” may have been planning the attack for months.

Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates told CNN that James Holmes had recieved numerous deliveries during the last four months leading up to the shooting in Aurora, Colorodo. Police believe that these deliveries begin to explain how Holmes got his hands on alot of the materials and items used in the shooting as well as the explosives that were found in his apartment after the incident. Also, according to police, Holmes had also bought the guns legally over the past 2 months in the Denver area, with over 6,000 rounds purchased online. CNN has also obtained a reciept that shows that Holmes bought a vest and a magazine pouch on July 2nd.

Oates also told CNN, “We have the evidence of a deliberative process to commit this assault, and we have the evidence of a deliberative process in his mind to attack whoever opened the door of his apartment.”

“Make no mistake, this apartment was designed to kill,” said Oates. By Saturday evening “all hazards” had been clear explained police. Police spent Saturday taking care of trip wires, traps, and possible explosive and incendiary devices. While police were busy clearing the traps and explosives, hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes. This included the three story apartment building where Holmes warned police he had booby-trapped with explosives once arrested.

Investigators still have little to say about what may have spurred Holmes to open fire on the unsuspecting victims on Friday night during “The Dark Knight Rises” premier.

President Obama is scheduled to be in Aurora, Colorado on Sunday to meet with some of the victims families and local officials.