February 23, 2016
Upcoming 'Blade & Soul' Warlock Class Summons Thralls, Chains Enemies To The Ground

As a medium-range damage dealer, Warlocks in Blade & Soul master use of Talismans to summon Thralls or debuffs their enemies. Jin and Lyn that pick up the class can deal great damage in short bursts thanks to lengthy cast times and long cooldowns. Luckily, smart Warlocks can keep their opponents at a distance with chains or time their abilities correctly to reduce their own cooldowns.

The Warlock in Blade & Soul can be a powerful asset in group by providing buffs to their allies while harassing foes with a Brand or a Target. For instance, Warlocks can cast Soul Burn to buff themselves and their allies giving all characters a massive boost to their damage. Brands make an adversary take more damage from the Warlock while Targets draw the attention of a summoned Thrall. A foe with a Target is also subject to a Warlock's instantly cast abilities making them suffer a barrage of nether magic.

Blade & Soul
When Warlocks Soul Burn, all their allies benefit [Image via NCSoft]According to the official overview, Warlocks in PvP will want to focus on making their abilities instant and timing their Thrall summons. After all, sacrificing the Thrall provides a damage boost to the Warlock, but players will know it is coming once they see the pet on the battlefield. Especially at a distance, Warlocks are difficult to deal with; however, they are "glass cannons." Although they do have some defensive capabilities, smart players will know they need to close the gap quickly with a Warlock while exploiting their weak points. Not to mention, Warlocks can siphon health from an enemy to heal themselves. Players will need to keep all of this in mind when fighting a Warlock in Blade & Soul.

Of course, the imminent "Unchained" update will include more than just the new Warlock class. All players will receive a new character slot for their new Warlock or any other class of their choice, the last level of Mushin's Tower will unlock, and a new dungeon for groups will be available as reported by The Inquisitr. The new character slot is pretty self-explanatory while the other additions are perfect for those looking for either a solo or group PvE challenge.

Blade & Soul
The temporary Thrall summon a Warlock can call upon [Image via NCSoft]The eighth and final floor of Mushin's Tower will challenge any solo player with the prowess to make it to the top. On this floor, players will fight a manifestation of Mushin himself for both glory and rewards. Those Blade & Soul players that enjoying a dungeon delve will be happy to know that "Unchained" is adding the new Naryu Labyrinth dungeon. The dungeon can be completed by four or six players, and it features a random element. After finishing one stage of the Naryu Labyrinth, the next portion of the dungeon will open at random.


Just weeks after Blade & Soul launched in the west, over two million players have tried the martial arts MMORPG from NCSoft. The game may just be a little over one month old but one content update is already out with "Unchained" to release on March 2. Blade & Soul is a free-to-play title that is free to download right now. An optional subscription and robust in-game store are available for players that wish to support the game monetarily. The Hongmoon Store includes items like costumes, weapon skins, convenience purchases, and consumables.

The game also features a Currency Exchange now that allows players buy gold with real money. Players can buy other players' gold through the system and the seller receives Hongmoon Coins to use in the Hongmoon Store. Players willing to sell their gold will be able to buy some things from the Hongmoon Store for free this way while gold buyers can get a jump on the game if they are willing to dish out a little extra real world money.

[Image via NCSoft]