February 23, 2016
Pre-Med Student Fakes Hospital Visit To Avoid Midterm Exam, Post Goes Viral

Not long after the "D*mn Daniel" videos went insanely viral across the web, another hilarious post has begun circulating rapidly. A pre-med student named Terrell Finner from Colombia University made several posts on social media, claiming to have faked a visit to the hospital and sent photos of himself hooked up to medical devices to his professor to get out of a midterm exam. Upon closer inspection Terrell, used earbud headphones as oxygen tubes and a Macbook charger as an IV.

You can see the bogus excuse in the Twitter post below.

Terrell Finner also shared the images on Snapchat, using the captions "Current situation" and "God got me."

God got me.
(Photo by Terrell Finner, via Twitter)

Any discerning eye will quickly notice both the fake hospital hook-ups and the phony hospital gown, which is clearly just a white sheet draped across his chest. But Terrell Finner did put a fair bit of effort into the scheme, having previously posted a preliminary tweet to validate the images.

Everything in the photos looks legitimate at first glance, which is perhaps why the post has gotten so popular. Users browsing social media come across what appears to be a sad image of an ill student, then seconds later they see the handwritten hospital bracelet and the obvious computer plug and come to realize they've been duped. Then they share the post in the hopes of passing on the prank.

According to the Daily Mail, the New York student has become an instant internet star for his unbelievably bad attempt at fooling his pre-med professor. Though the Tweet was published on February 14, Terrell Finner's fame has only recently skyrocketed, with the bogus hospital photos being reproduced and re-shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr. Nearly a week after the initial Tweet, Terrell woke up to find the post had exploded.

"When you wake up out a dead sleep to 75000 notifications that's your viral tweet is going viral on Facebook," Finner tweeted.

The post has since been retweeted and liked well over 20,000 times.

While it seemed to some that Terrell Finner was trying to pull one over on his professor, the real prank was on his followers. The faked photos were only put together for the sake of a social media joke, and he didn't really send the email off to skip out on his exam. That didn't stop Finner from keeping the bit going, however. He shared another Snapchat photo of himself looking ready to return to school, but with the headphone oxygen tubes still in his nose.

The caption reads, "Got discharged from the hospital. Gotta have oxygen though."

(Photo by Terrell Finner via Twitter)

He even added, "Thanks for your prayers!"

While many reacted positively to the gag and eagerly shared the images, others criticized Terrell Finner, even going so far as to claim he shouldn't continue studying to be a doctor.

Finner has kept a sense of humor about the entire situation, even laughing off the multitude of "racist" comments people left in the Daily Mail article about the post.What do you think about Terrell Finner's hospital joke? Was it a lame attempt to fool his followers or a hilarious prank?

[Photo by Terrell Finner via Twitter]