Crop Circle Season In Full Swing As Mysterious Patterns Appear Across Europe

Nathan Francis

Crop circle season has started in Europe with a spate of the mysterious patterns appearing over the past month, leading experts to question whether they could have been created by humans.

A series of the formations appeared in the U.K. earlier this month to kick off crop circle season, with two appearing within a few days in the town of Wiltshire, The Daily Mail reported. The circles both appeared overnight and had an underlying religious or spiritual theme, with the first one bearing a strong resemblance to Westminster Abbey.

The second one was a floating triangle with a floral pattern, which could have either represented the Divine Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or the Greek symbol of a doorway to another dimension, crop circle expert Lucy Pringle told the Daily Mail.

Another pattern to show up during crop circle season, this one also in Wiltshire, resembled the transit of the planet Venus across the sun, the BBC reported. The 700-foot crop circle snaked around the field in a way that crop circle researcher Michael Glickman though was too precise to have been created by humans.

"It's wonderful and enigmatic and I'm convinced it is not man-made," Glickman told the BBC. "There are too many of these which are of such great quality for them to be dismissed as made by humans."

The U.K. was not the only country to experience crop circle season. Officials in Switzerland were also perplexed by the overnight appearance of what looked like a Venn diagram in a field in the eastern part of the country, Digital Journal reported. Earlier in the week another crop circle had appeared there, the report said.

Though it is not known exactly how the crop circles are formed, one confirmed hoax during this crop circle season in England could reveal the secret. As a publicity stunt for the 2012 London Olympics a group of farmers carefully mowed a field into the interlocking rings that symbolize the games, Forbes reported.