'General Hospital' Recap: Wiley's Birth Mother Seemingly Revealed, Many Fans Nailed It With Latest Theories

General Hospital fans have been speculating about the identity of Wiley's birth mother since the topic of the adoption first was introduced to the show, and there have been plenty of theories about who carried the baby boy. Some of those theories never panned out and for a while, it seemed that perhaps the show wouldn't be revealing the woman's identity. More recently, however, many GH viewers started to suspect that Willow Tait was that birth mother and Thursday's show seemed to confirm it.

Willow was introduced at first as Aiden and Charlotte's teacher, but fans started buzzing when she went to the same grief support group that Michael started to attend. Some General Hospital fans also started to wonder about the storyline ahead for actress Katelyn MacMullen when news emerged that the actress had been put on-contract and there were other little signs that started to add up as well.

During Thursday's show, the truth became pretty obvious. As SheKnows Soaps recaps, Willow and Chase met up at Charlie's for breakfast and she seemed quite shaken when Julian approached their table. As viewers will remember, Julian managed to find the information on who Wiley's birth mom was when he snuck through Alexis' files.

Then, Julian reached out to the real Wiley's birth mom via a phone call to pressure her not to disrupt the adoption before it was finalized. Given that, it makes sense that she'd be rattled when crossing paths with him again.

In addition, Willow got quite upset when she saw Julian looking at a picture of Wiley. She almost started crying, but so far, neither Julian or Chase picked up on the change in her mood.

All of that certainly appears to nail down that the latest speculation regarding Willow being Wiley's birth mom is correct. Of course, what Willow doesn't know is that this baby actually isn't the baby she delivered and placed for adoption. So far, the only people who know that Wiley is really Jonah are Nelle and Brad.

While it's not confirmed that Willow's decision to place Wiley for adoption is what has driven her to the support group, it seems to fit. That is especially the case given that the baby's birth mom wanted to disrupt the adoption and parent the baby herself, and changed course after Julian reached out and pressured her.

It is not uncommon for birth mothers to struggle with their emotions after placing a baby for adoption and need some additional support. Then, this situation was especially complicated with the near disruption, so it does seem to fit together pretty well.

This confirmation about Willow does answer some questions, but it also raises others. How will she react when she comes to learn how close Michael is to the baby? What drove her to specifically choose Brad and Lucas to become the baby's adoptive parents?

Fans have also speculated that Willow might be the one who is really Nina's biological daughter since it's known that Sasha is not and Kiki isn't really an option since the character was written out. That would certainly give the teacher plenty of Port Charles connections keeping her around, but it's not known for certain yet whether the writers will go that route.

Where will this storyline head next? It doesn't seem that Willow has shared much in the grief group yet about what's been causing her struggles, so it'll be interesting to see if she eventually opens up and Michael pieces it together.

Obviously, there will be a big shocker for both Michael and Willow down the road when the truth finally emerges about how the true baby Wiley died and Jonah was swapped in to take his place. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as more information about what comes next emerges, as this storyline has more twists and turns on the way.