February 23, 2016
Kim Fields' Husband, Chris Morgan, Calls Out NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, And Porsha Williams

In an Instagram post, Kim Fields' husband, Christopher Morgan, has denied Kenya Moore's claim that he's gay. In the same message, Chris also called out NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams for the comments that they made about him while filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On Saturday, Chris posted a photo of himself kissing Kim while both are wearing sweaters that declare that "marriage matters." Chris wrote that he and Kim support marriage and that others should support it too.

Chris' photo and message seems to be a direct response to what has played out on the last two episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On last week's episode, NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha made some comments about Chris' personality while sitting around their Jamaica hotel pool. Phaedra described Chris as "head strong and a little sassy." NeNe agreed that Chris has a lot of personality and is protective of Kim "in a weird way." Phaedra called Chris "real delicate."

Suddenly, Kenya dropped the bombshell that Chris is gay and that people in the entertainment industry have talked about him being gay for the past decade. Kenya even claimed that people in the industry call Chris "Chrissy." The other women looked shocked. Yet none told Kenya that she was out of line or defended Kim and Chris.

Rather, in their interviews, NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha added to the gay speculation. Phaedra said that Chris "definitely has a little fire in his fireplace." NeNe said that while she can't say if Chris can host Fashion Queens, he does tap dance and has been on Broadway. Porsha said that she "never got a gay vibe from Chris" but then tried to not burst into laughter.

A viewer left a comment on Chris Morgan's photo asking him how he feels about the comments that NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams, who are supposedly friends of his wife Kim Fields, made about him. Chris' response put them on blast.

Chris responded that those women are coworkers and that their "tired," "lonely," and "desperate" comments came from wanting what he and Kim have. He added that none of the women, who are "just trying to stay relevant," said any of those things in front of his face and that none of the men on the trip said anything about his sexuality either.

As for Kenya Moore's claim about his sexuality, Chris wrote that he didn't divorce one woman and remarry another one because he's hiding anything.

"christopherlmorgan: Coworkers.@loveurblackness I know who and what I am. So does my wife. Tired, lonely, desperate things come out of people that want what you have. Did you see ANYONE dare say any of that crap in my presence? There's a reason. What did the fellas say/think? I didn't divorce one woman and remarry another one because I was hiding something, and I hope no one would ever feel so conflicted. All of the women you mentioned are just trying to stay relevant, I ain't mad. We won't remember their names...... Soon. Be blessed."
Does Chris' line that he and Kim "won't remember their names......Soon" mean that Kim has already decided that Season 8 will be her one and only season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

During NeNe Leakes' Watch What Happens Live appearance on Sunday night, she denied that she, Phaedra, and Porsha helped fuel the rumor that Kim Fields' husband is gay. NeNe explained that they were talking about Chris' personality because he had argued with them earlier in the trip, an argument that was not shown on Real Housewives. NeNe added that she does not think that Chris is gay.

"Let me just say, there was something that happened on the bus. On the real bus in Jamaica, that was never seen on the show that Phaedra, myself, and Porsha were talking about. Like we had a little run-in with Chris. We did, and Chris apologized later. So I think that's where our comments were coming from, I want to say that. Secondly, I also want to say, Chris was recently at my home. He was there at my home during [the] Super Bowl. I do not think that Chris is gay. Now if I think you're gay, I'll say it. But I don't think Chris is gay at all. I want to be clear about that. I don't think Chris is gay."
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kenya defended herself last week by putting the blame on Phaedra Parks. Kenya wrote that it was Phaedra who started talking about Chris first. In her own blog post, Phaedra said that her comments were about Chris' personality, not his sexuality.

On Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields finally stood up to Kenya Moore. Kim told Kenya that her comments were very "disrespectful" and "unfair" and demanded that she stop talking about her and her family. Kenya, prodded by Cynthia Bailey, apologized to Kim. The drama didn't end there. As the Inquisitr reported, as the episode aired, Kim slammed Kenya on social media, calling her "irrelevant," "unimportant" and desperate for what she has.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]