Kate Middleton: Is The Duchess Really An Over-Spending Diva?

Rumors are still making the rounds that Queen Elizabeth II is not entirely pleased with Kate Middleton despite the Duchess’ best efforts to impress by laying her all-image reputation to rest by involving herself in meaningful endeavors.

The Queen is applauded by workers as she walks with Terry Morgan the Chairman of Crossrail during a visit to the site of the new Crossrail Bond street station which is still under construction. The Queen unveiled the new roundel for the Crossrail line that is to be renamed the "Elizabeth line" from December 2018 when the line opens to passengers in the capital. Pic: Richard Pohle

Tabloids have insisted on churning out stories that the Queen is not a fan of Kate and her careless spending, in addition to her desire to break royal tradition. Life & Style is the latest culprit in attempting to tarnish the image of Middleton and to make her out to be a rebellious and careless spender in the eyes of the monarch.

Gossip Cop shares the details of the most recent story published by the publication that seeks to smear the Duchess’ efforts as of late.

“This latest version comes courtesy of Life & Style, which alleges that the Queen ‘is royally ticked that Kate has been spending money like an out-of-control diva.’ The ‘chief offense’ is said to be Middleton’s decision to recently use a helicopter to travel to London, while Queen Elizabeth opted for a much cheaper train ride.”

The publication suggests that the Queen thinks the extravagance makes the royal family “look bad,” after indicating that the helicopter ride may have costed nearly $5000.

It was also Life & Style who pushed the falsity that the Queen and Kate were at war with one another over the breaking of tradition apparently caused by Middleton and her family’s insisting. This time around there is no more truth to the current story about the supposed irritations of the Queen perpetuated by Kate’s spending.

The false claim has not kept the publication from citing the alleged source who has apparently relayed the information. Gossip Cop shares the words of the source who spoke inaccurately to the tabloid.

“[J]ust the latest example of Kate’s spendthrift ways, (In contrast, for Queen Elizabeth) the cheaper, the better. [But] Kate couldn’t be more different, and it’s causing more and more friction.”

Gossip Cop has debunked the story and insists that the tabloid is rarely ever accurate in regard to the tarnishing information shared about the royals and other celebrities.

“Kate Middleton is NOT an ‘out-of-control diva,’ despite a tabloid story that falsely claims Queen Elizabeth is ‘angry’ with her. Gossip Cop can debunk the report, which is just the latest in a long line wrongly pitting the two royals against each other.”

The Duchess recently took her advocacy of children’s mental health to a whole higher level and proved that she is far from a big spender who seeks to be seen and not heard. Kate took on the role of editor for the Huffington Post U.K. last week as a guest and used the opportunity to share her own view in regard to the need to support children’s emotional needs. By way of several articles penned by Kate, along with a couple additional contributors, the Duchess made her point strong and clear, ensuring to remind of her stance on the issue.

Surely the Queen is not at odds with Middleton when the Duchess has been doing her best to make it to royal engagements and taking on new posts passed on to her by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Kate is now the liaison between the royals and the Air Cadets and additionally is the royal representative for Wimbledon.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 07: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge meets cadets during the 75th Anniversary of the RAF Air Cadets at St Clement Danes Church on February 7, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, the entire royal family, aside from the constant rumors drummed up by tabloids concerning Kate and Queen Elizabeth, also faces new rumors about a staff strike at Kensington Palace, as E! Online shares. The publication notes that “Employees at Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s residence, are threatening to strike because of a proposed pay cut for some staff.”

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