WWE News: Bill Goldberg Has Not Been Contacted To Work ‘WrestleMania 32’

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WWE has truly gotten into a very interesting situation. Last night, Shane McMahon returned to the WWE after around six years of absence. The last WrestleMania he had any part in was WrestleMania 25, which was sad to see. Everyone seemed to love Shane, but he left WWE and went on to have his own success in another business venture.

Shane McMahon appearing was certainly shocking, but he was not the person most people expected. It was reported by the Wrestling Observer that The Undertaker would have an interesting opponent at WrestleMania 32 this year, but that person was someone not on the current roster. Of course, that report was found out to be true, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon put his son Shane in a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 that will take place inside a Hell in a Cell.

Before this, there were rumors that Bill Goldberg would be returning to WWE and having a match with Undertaker. Like Shane, Goldberg was not on the current WWE roster. That meant he clearly qualified for the report we were hearing about. While we know now that Goldberg will not be appearing in a match with Undertaker, will he appear at all?

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It does not seem so. Apparently, WWE has not contacted Goldberg about a return to the company at this present time. While that could always change, has not been contacted at this point for a role in the show. Some fans believe he could be in town, as Sting will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the two are said to be friends. There is a WCW brotherhood present.

It would be interesting if he did manage to work another match. Goldberg’s asking price has pretty high for most events. He tends to do more charity shows or shows that have a cause behind them. However, outside of that, he works for a high-end price many cannot afford. That is why you don’t see him wrestle at many independent events, even though he is free to do so.

TNA Wrestling reportedly tried to sign him before they went to Pop TV, but the thought was that he asked for far too much money. While TNA could afford him due to Panda Energy being their major backer (a billion dollar company), the major thought was that he was not worth what he was asking for. He could still bring eyes to a television show, as he has not wrestled for a televised company in nearly a decade.

Unlike Goldberg, former WWE Superstar now turned Hollywood actor Batista was called about returning to the company. The idea presented to him was that he would be a referee in the main event of WrestleMania, which of course included Triple H, a man he walked away from when he left WWE in 2014. Batista did meet with Vince McMahon personally about the idea, so a return was of interest to Dave. However, he turned down the role he was presented.

Batista has claimed that he would like to return when the time is right and when there is a good angle. He said he might even just do live events like Chris Jericho did, as he loved to wrestle and that was of interest to him more than being on TV.

When it comes to Goldberg, WWE may never bring him back unless there is just a demand for him. Some people believe a match with Ryback is an easy sell, since he is basically a 2016 Goldberg incarnate. However, outside of the sheer need for him to do this, there is no reason to have him. If he keeps a high asking price like he has been, WWE certainly won’t pay it. Goldberg was not easy to deal with last time he was in WWE, so he certainly didn’t make a ton of friends in management.

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