February 23, 2016
Reality Stars Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi And Jionni Lavalle Return To The Jersey Shore With A New Series

Former MTV stars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and husband Jionni Lavalle are trading in the party hats for hard hats. In Nicole's case, her hard hat is a light shade of pink.

FYI posted to their Facebook page, "We're flipping out for Snooki's new show, Nicole & Jionni's #ShoreFlip! This Wednesday, she's returning to the Jersey Shore with a whole new crew (her adorable family!)."

Nicole and Jionni will be renovating and redecorating homes that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Nicole and Jionni find homes they can buy for a good price (the couple puts their own money into each flip), so after renovations are complete, they hope to flip each home for a nice profit.

FYI told Deadline that in her post-MTV days, Polizzi has developed quite an eye for interior design, and Lavalle has experience as a builder and contractor, which will serve them well in this new docuseries. The show will follow Nicole and Jionni not just when they flip houses, but also during their daily routine. That most likely means that their family and close friends will be part of the show as well.

Celebrity Toob shared that this time, Nicole and Jionni's show is more HGTV and a lot less MTV. There will definitely be plenty of construction and design and a lot less clubbing and drama. Undoubtedly, there will still be a bit of drama and some bickering going on, as flipping homes is definitely a stressful endeavor. Nicole, 27, shared in an official statement that she and Jionni are excited about what they accomplished with their new series.

"With spending so many summers growing up at the shore, and then finding love there with Jionni, we couldn't think of a more perfect place to start our business together. Jionni has always wanted to flip houses, and with my love for interior design and do-it-yourself crafts, this project is a dream come true. We are excited to bring our passions to television and can't wait for our fans to see us on this journey," Nicole said in an official statement."

For those unfamiliar with Nicole and Jionni, they were cast members on MTV's popular series Jersey Shore. The show ran for six seasons, from December 3, 2009, to December 20, 2012. The series followed eight housemates as they spent their summers at the Jersey Shore. The show soon soared in popularity, with plenty of partying, hilarity, and family dysfunction thrown in for good measure. Jionni, 28, first appeared on the show during the third season. By the next season, Nicole and Jionni had been dating for six months.

Nicole and Jionni were engaged in March of 2012, and Nicole gave birth to their first child, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, on August 26, 2012. Their daughter, Giovanna Marie LaValle, was born on September 26, 2014. Nicole and Jionni were married on November 29, 2014, in New Jersey, and nearly 500 guests attended the ceremony. Their two children were included, with 2-year-old Lorenzo walking down the aisle and 2-month-old Giovanna escorted in a stroller.

Entertainment Weekly shared that Nicole has settled down since her MTV days, but she has definitely kept busy with many other projects. Besides caring for her two adorable children, she has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and recently released her memoir, Strong is the New Sexy. This is Nicole's fifth book, the first three were fictional novels and her fourth, Baby Bumps, was a non-fiction book that focused mainly on pregnancy and motherhood. Together with her best friend Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, who is expecting her second child, the pair just launched a new web series called Moms with Attitude.

With a new series about to debut, a sneak peek clip shows the couple jumping right into flipping homes. The show has a light-hearted and fun feel to it, and there are brief shots of the children, but don't expect to see them that often. Nicole has remarked that she wants her children to have a normal life mostly out of the range of cameras and the public eye.

FYI has ordered eight hour-long episodes of Nicole and Jionni's Shore Flip. Deadline shared that Entertainment One is producing the show, and the executive producers are John Morayniss, Tara Long, and Mark Herwick. Nicole Polizzi, Jionni Lavalle, Antranig Balian, and Cameron Kadison also are executive producers, along with FYI's Gena McCarthy, James Bolosh, and Lauren Wohl.

Will you be watching the new series? Do you think former Jersey Shore cast members, such as The Situation (Mike Sorrentino), might appear on the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Nicole and Jionni's Shore Flip premieres on Wednesday, February 24 at 9 p.m. ET on the FYI network.

[Image via FYI Television Network/Facebook]