Russell Brand Talks With Howard Stern About Sex After Katy

Russell Brand and Katy Perry were always a bit of an odd couple, as the hard-partying star and the singer from a conservative Christian background that appeared at initial glance, an unlikely match.

But Brand and Perry did match, and as you probably recall, later married. Both seemed to be genuinely in love with the other, and it almost appeared for a while that Katy Perry curbed Russell Brand’s wild ways after his years of openly using drugs and struggling with a reported sex addiction.

Eventually, though, the marriage between Russell Brand and Katy Perry collapsed. No one knows what ultimately led to their parting, but both have been respectful of the other in public and the media since they announced their decision to split.

(Although Perry’s song “Part of Me” is rumored to be about her divorce from Brand.) Russell appeared on Howard Stern’s show recently, and the forward DJ queried him about his split from the pop singer, his sex life during the marriage and his experiences with other women since he and Perry broke up.

When asked by Stern if sex with Perry was “freaky” enough for the openminded comic, Brand didn’t give a straight reply to the question, joking:

“She was very willing to do wheelchair porn… That woman spent ninety percent of our marriage in a little electric wheel chair.”

katy perry part of me movie

But Brand, who has seemed to open up overall lately in discussing his split from Perry, did reflect on his sexual strategy going forward, saying:

“I don’t want porn anymore… There is no market for it in my life. I’ve got no kind of weird predilections especially.”

Keyword: “especially.” Russell Brand did hint at a wild time after he became a free man once more, saying of subsequent singledom:

“…if you’ve been on a diet of rice for awhile and then suddenly Willy Wonka said, ‘I need you to run my chocolate factory.’… I think, for awhile, you’d be kicking over barrels of candy and swimming about in the chocolate river. That’s not a euphemism!”

Brand, who has been linked with Isabella Brewster in recent months, denied that a feud between the comic and Katy Perry’s parents led to the split.