Youth Voters Say Legalize Incest And Necrophilia In Sweden

With youth voters being court in the United States elections, young Swedish liberals are pushing for the legalization of incest and necrophilia in the Nordic country.

The nearly universally reviled taboos of incest and necrophilia have long been a scare tactic for conservatives who argued that that the legalization of homosexuality would lead to increasingly squeamish sex acts to find acceptance. It is techniques like this that are one of the primary reasons young voters are less likely to vote for Republicans.

Don't worry, do incest and necrophilia in Sweden
Incest and necrophilia are on a short list of sexual taboos still off limits, but young Swedes might be looking to turn a new page. (Photo by Harry Todd/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Some young liberal voters in Sweden, however, welcome the linking of incest and necrophilia to other controversial consensual sexual acts. Certain members of the Swedish Liberal Party are pushing for legislation that would remove penalties for engaging in the frowned-upon activities, reported Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

Cecilia Johnsson, Liberal Youth chairperson, told the publication that she and those who agreed with her felt that necrophilia and incest could not be banned solely on the basis of them being distasteful to certain people. They did, however, note that the newly sanctioned types of copulation would follow other consent laws in Sweden. A corpse that would have intercourse would only be fair game if the person had given written consent before passing on.

Noting that it was the next logical step in sexual liberation, Cecilia stated that it wasn't sensible to continue with a ban on incest and necrophilia just because people found it unappealing, according to quotes translated by The Daily Mail.

"I understand that it [necrophilia and incest] can be seen as unusual and disgusting, [but] legislation cannot be based on it being disgusting... We are a youth wing and one of our tasks is to think one step further... We don't like morality laws in general, and this legislation is not protecting anyone right now."
The Swedish Youth party is not without their arguments. Autonomy of one's own body, they stress, also extends to things that people might find repulsive. They don't believe that incest or necrophilia should necessarily be illegal just because they have complicated histories and low level of interest.
"It should be your own decision what happens with your body after you die, and if that happens to be that you want to bequeath your remains to a museum or to science, or if you want to bequeath your remains to someone to sleep with them, then that should be O.K."

Pro-stances on incest and necrophilia are far from well-received in the country however. Even within their own party, the adult wing has formally rejected their assertion. Former MP Carl B Hamilton took to Facebook to tear down the talk of change.

"Liberal Youth of Sweden focuses on publicity, but hardly the issues that determines our, and Sweden's future... Surely, you must understand that people are laughing at your liberalism, you nitwits? And what other challenges facing society is on the top 100-list for Stockholm's Liberal Youth? Sex with hippos?"
Despite backlash to the call for an end to incest and necrophilia prohibition in even liberal Sweden, the country isn't the only one to have altered its attitudes to the practice -- generally deemed a sexual perversion. In 2014, a German Ethics Committee ruled that sex between siblings should be legalized, reported the Telegraph.
"Criminal law is not the appropriate means to preserve a social taboo. The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination is to be weighed more heavily than the abstract idea of protection of the family."
What do you think of the Swedish debate about legalizing incest and necrophilia?

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