'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Quinn Scrambles, Rick Rages, And Steffy's Feelings Escalate

There is a juicy episode ahead with Tuesday's The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers tease that Quinn will be put in a difficult position while Rick's anger toward Ridge continues to escalate. Steffy is falling hard for Wyatt, but Liam continues to struggle. Where are things headed in this February 23 show?

Viewers watched on Monday's show as Rick exploded when Eric backed Ridge in the battle over Stephanie and Maya's portraits. Rick insisted that he and Maya were leaving the mansion, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that there is more from Rick coming in Tuesday's episode.

According to We Love Soaps, Maya will be standing right by her husband's side through this latest ordeal. Rick will be talking to someone about how much he hates Ridge, and this portrait issue has reopened long-standing wounds with Rick regarding Ridge that are pushing him to the brink. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that this renewed feud may make Maya and Rick stronger as they stand together in the episodes ahead.

Steffy and Wyatt will be sharing some romantic moments during Tuesday's show, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that she will be opening up about how much she is loving everything about the time she is spending with Wyatt. Naturally, Wyatt will be eating this up, as he has been determined to woo Steffy into a long-term relationship. He's been right by her side since the trouble started brewing with Liam, and now it is paying off.

However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers also indicate that Steffy will talk about Liam a bit in this next episode. Given what Quinn did when Liam collapsed during their parking lot confrontation, it appears to everybody that he simply vanished, and it's been made to look as if he wants everybody to leave him alone. Steffy will be questioning this a bit, but she still has no idea what has really happened.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show Liam talking to Quinn a bit about letting go of pain. While Liam has no idea who he really is or what he has waiting for him at home, he has struggled with feelings that things are off despite Quinn's desperate attempts to get him to leave the past in the past. Not only is Quinn determined to keep Liam away from Steffy to make room for Wyatt to win her over, but she is starting to fall for him herself.

While Quinn may think she has this situation under control at this point, having convinced Deacon to stay out of it, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that she is about to face a sticky situation in Tuesday's show. Wyatt shows up at the cabin unannounced, and this could create massive drama for her.

Previews show Wyatt acting a bit surprised that she isn't welcoming him into the cabin with open arms. Of course, viewers know that she will be desperate to keep Wyatt outside, surely scrambling to talk him into leaving immediately. While fans will have to tune in to see how she pulls it off, Bold and Beautiful spoilers seem to indicate that she will keep her secret hidden from her son for now.

As the week continues, B&B spoilers detail that Steffy will talk to Ridge about how she feels toward Wyatt, there is trouble on the way for Nicole and Zende, and Deacon will have a fresh confrontation with Quinn. How much longer can Quinn keep this Liam situation under her control? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that there is major drama on the way, and viewers won't want to miss a minute of the action.

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